Episode 72: Ricardo Rocha, The Human McRib


Are you ready for another S&M Comedy Podcast?  Because another S&M Comedy Podcast is ready for you!

Today’s fabuloso podcasto is a really fun conversation with our old pal Ricardo Rocha!  Ricardo was a longtime stalwart around town, and most specifically at Stand Up Scottsdale before bailing on us all here in PHX Comedy for the sunny climes of Los Angeles.  Because Phoenix isn’t sunny enough.

In this podcast, you’ll get to hear about Ricardo getting bitten by the comedy bug, starting out at The Comedy Spot, writing sketches for Duck in Cover, and having his ass handed to him quite hilariously a couple times throughout his upbringing.  You’ll also get to hear about the intangible rewards he gets every day from working with Autistic and special needs children.  It’s a really good chat; at turns very sweet and incredibly funny, this podcast is emblematic of the easy relationship we’ve had with Ricardo throughout the years.

Ricardo was a right-hand man to Stand Up Scottsdale’s Howard Hughes since the beginning of the club, and supported many local comics while getting to know the many national headliners that came through during his tenure there, before finally taking his fiance out to California for new jobs and a new comedy scene.  We do miss having Ricardo around, but sincerely understand wanting to leave and with him the best in LA.  You’ll enjoy this conversation, hopefully as much as we did.

This Wednesday at Hidden House, the booze will be poured by Brian Sajban almost as rapidly as the comedy will be slung by Aaron Kyle Miles, Daniel Estrada, Ian Gilb, James Hoenscheidt, and super special guest host Anthony Desamito! And it’s that time of year again, when we get to welcome back the Almost Homeless crew of Jeremy Jacksen, Louie Skaradek, and the incomparable Muggsy! PHX’s longest independent running comedy show starts at 9pm every Wednesday night!

This Thursday at Monkey Pants, there will be an informal southwest comedy conference as we welcome Las Vegasians Adam Waddle, Byron Stout, Manny Hein, and Bobby Wayne Stauts to share in the bacon wrapped deep fried hot dog revelry with Avi Cohen, Chris Centanni, David Delgado, Erin Ontko, Jeff Turbitt, John Henry, and Matt Storrs!  Comedy starts at 8.30, but the velvety rich nacho cheese flows all night long!

And if you happen to be in Prescott this very Saturday evening, perhaps you should pop on up to The Loft for an evening of comedy up on the Mogollon Rim!

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Thanks for listening; keep coming out to shows and supporting the Live, Local, Happily Bouncing and Clapping Independent PHX Comedy Scene!

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