Episode 37: Ron Babcock, Sharing and Caring


Alright!  Time to kill another hour with a super duper awesome possum comedy podcast!

Today’s podcast features our wonderful conversation with Ron Babcock.  Now a Los Angeles comic, Ron got his start here in the Valley, first producing the Modest Proposal comedy interview magazine before finally taking the leap into stand-up with his creative partner, Ryan McKee.

Starting as a duo enabled Ron & Ryan a bit of creative freedom that most solo performers do not frequently get; an onstage safety net that allowed for more risks to be cavalierly taken, more possibilities to indulge, more ideas to be explored more fully.  That ability to explore the bizarre has carried over into Ron’s solo career, from his unpredictably silly onstage persona to his incredibly funny Concocted Conversations blog, Ron has so many facets of weirdness compromising a greater whole.

We hope we’ve captured a fairly complete picture of Ron in this fun conversation.  There was a lot of laughing together along with a good amount of advice on patience and development for any performers that want to know where the next opportunity is waiting for them.

Upcoming shows for us:  Steve Marek will be at Hidden House on 7/18.

This Thursday at Monkey Pants, the savage hellhounds of comedy will be unleashed as Diethrich Shelton, Steve Maxwell, Demetrius Lee, Ricardo Leon, Erin Ontko, Kirsten Alberts, Ernesto Moncada, Josh Dent, Jeffrey Turbitt, Jerry Rider and John Connell zanily rip the hilarious flesh from your funny bones!  Comedy at 8.30, fish racing at 11, $4 ice cold Captain Morgans all day long!

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Visit HeyRonBlog to keep up to date on all the Babcockery going on!
Check out Ron’s incredibly funny Concocted Conversations blog, comprised of made-up conversations about random internet photos!
Thanks for listening; keep coming out to shows and supporting the Live, Local, Heaving, Hulking, Hearkening PHX Comedy Scene!

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