Episode 73: Dan Hull Spins a Yarn, Of Course


Hello and howdy and howyadoin!  Time for a podcast broadcast, the likes of which you’ve never heard!

Well, maybe you’ve kinda heard the likes of this podcast, since it’s a podcast with Dan Hull, and we did a podcast with him, like, a bazillion years ago.  We’re really happy to be putting out this episode into the world, since Dan is such a good friend of S&M Comedy.  We all got our start around the same time in the PHX Comedy Scene; we first ran into each other in those halcyon days at Plazma on a Tuesday night, bonded over 60′s and 70′s funk and soul music, and beautiful partnerships were forged.

Over the years, we shared several stages, and we worked very closely on our first ever storytelling show, Jokeless, two years ago.  Since that time, Dan has immersed himself more fully into the art of storytelling, so much so that he’s actually created a new, vibrant, growing storytelling scene right here in PHX!  Hull started with his weekly storytelling open mic night, Yarnball, every Wednesday at Lawn Gnome Publishing, and has now expanded his sphere of influence with a booked, quality controlled monthly late-night show every third Friday at Space 55!

Storyline at Space 55 is a great show, bringing together storytellers from all frequencies on PHX’s artistic spectrum.  Jamie’s performed on one, Steve’s performed on one, and has another booking coming up on 2/21 that you should go and check out!  Until then, enjoy this first half of our podcast with Dan Hull, in which you’ll get to hear a bit about his comedy past, and come back next week for more from Dan Hull and more on PHX storytelling!

This Friday Valentine’s Day, S&M Comedy Presents…Goodbye Cruel World is coming to a Space 55 near you!  The deepest, darkest chasms of comedians will be exposed for all to see…and laugh at!  We’ll share suicide notes, eulogies, and rememberances for you and your valentine all night!  Oh the hilarity humanity!

Wednesday night at Hidden House, another hot, buttery night of stand up comedy is ready to be pulled out of the oven just for you, as we have Jeff Turbitt headline on the very stage on which he got his comedy start!  Helping him to “rise” to the occasion will be Anthony Desamito, Brian Vilona, Erin Ontko, Dave Schnier, John Connell, Avi Cohen and Adam Lark!  I sure hope these baking puns don’t “fall” short!  Comedy starts at 9pm every Wednesday at Phoenix’s Longest Running Independent Comedy Show!

This Thursday at Monkey Pants, come help Jamie celebrate four years of stand up by sticking around all night just to hear him ramble on for 20minutes!  Some of the valley’s favorite locals will be around for this very special night, including Bill O’Connor, Kristofer Royer, Roman Grisby, Teddy Bearskovich, Bob Timmons, Justin Dam, Joe Gannon, Noah Findling, Michael Rosin, and Twitter’s own Negativ Steve!  Well, they might be around for this very special night because it’s Thursday and that means $4 bacon wrapped deep fried hot dogs smothered in nacho cheese.

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Thanks for listening; keep coming out to shows and supporting the Live, Local, Fresh Linen Scented Independent PHX Comedy Scene!

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