Blog time.  We promise you won’t feel a thing.

On next week’s podcast, you’ll get to hear our talk with Ron Babcock.  A former Phoenix comedian, current Los Angeles comedian, Ron was in town, hanging out, doing some of our favorite bar shows, and being generally patriotic near the guinea pigs.  It’s a good conversation, covering some of the long bygone days of the early PHX comedy scene and discussing the marathon, not the sprint, of life, liberty, and the pursuit of being funny.

Upcoming shows for us:  Steve Marek will be at Copper Blues on 7/17.

This Thursday at Monkey Pants, bathe in natural springs of comedy and refresh your soul with laughter as Anthony Desamito, Zack Andresen, Ali Musa, Tom Sims, Brian Lester, Tim Tagtmeyer, Brian McNett, Tim Stump, Douglas Mize, John Higbee and Jericho Davison revitalise your weary soul with unbridled jocularity!  $4 Captain Morgans will aid in the gentle rejuvenation.

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And you’re already on Facebook anyway, why not stop in and say hello to S&M, even if you can’t be friends with Jamie or Steve any more because you just can’t stand the smell?

Thanks for reading; keep coming out to shows and supporting the Live, Local, Bright, Sunshiny, Happy-Go-Lucky PHX Comedy Scene!

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