Episode 73b: Dan Hull Wants You (to come to Space 55 this Friday at 10.30pm)


Hey, snugglebunny.  Why don’t you come on over here and snuggle up with an S&M Comedy Podcast?

Welcome to the second half of our interview with the Reverend Dan Hull, sometimes PHX stand-up comedian, and all the time PHX stand-up storyteller.  As we discussed in last week’s podcast, the rev is seriously spearheading the storytelling movement in PHX, and you’ll get to hear more about the evolution of that process in this second half of our podcast.

Hull is a great guy to know and talk to.  As a teacher, he’s easy to learn from.  As a Buddhist, most of the things that you wind up learning from him are gentle, thoughtful, slightly riddley, ambiguous life lessons.  The thing we’ve learned from this interview as we learn and grow as comics, is that comedy is fun and comedy is great, but performing comedy may not necessarily be where we end up.  It may just be a stepping stone toward some end goal we didn’t even know we were looking for.  We have to be open to any opportunity that presents itself and ready to run off in unpredictable directions at all times.

Speaking of unpredictable directions, this past Friday saw us out at Space 55, bringing to life another Goodbye Cruel World on a special Valentine’s night, ripe for suicide notes.  Well, that’s not an unpredictable direction for us, necessarily.  This particular S&M Comedy Presents, however, instead of charging admission to help keep Space 55′s doors open, we raised money and charged admission with the sole purpose of donating to Lawn Gnome Publishing.  Unfortunately, some miserable asshole decided to break into the little independetest bookstore on Roosevelt Row and steal a bunch of merch AND employee pay.  Wow, dick.  So, we teamed up with the generous folks at Space 55 and we were able to raise $221 dollars for the cause!  Thanks so much to everyone that came out to help, that came out to perform, and that helped spread the word!  You all had a big helping hand in the matter, so congratulate yourself today!

And more unpredictable directions- we’re now running a paid show at Monkey Pants!  $6 Sundays are going down every other Sunday, starting March 2 at 7.30pm with The ATX Comedy Hour from Austin, TX!  We’ll have Rob Gagnon, Lisa Friedrich, Micheal Foulk, Terance McDavid, and Michelle Biloon out for our inaugural event!  Admission is $6/single, $10/couple, no two drink minimum and happy hour prices all day long!  Come join us for the new independentest comedy show in all the land!

Storyline, Dan’s late night Space 55 show happens this Friday at 10.30pm!  You need to be out there, supporting Steve and the other storytellers, and getting to know a new medium of live performance!

Wednesday night at the Hidden House, a stellar lineup to bring the roof down!  Matt Micheletti, Charlie Speez, Durrell Johnson, Jessie Johnson, (no relation) Josh Graves, Kirsten Alberts, Kristofer Royer, and Teddy Bearskovich will be wielding comedy hammers of destruction!  Show starts at 9pm, rebuilding the Hidden House after utter devastation will begin when we feel like it!

This Thursday at Monkey Pants, set sail on the comedy seas with Diethrich Shelton, Jeff Turbitt, Jason Hill, Eric Sobczack, Colin Casey, Shelli Bachus, Nathan Evangelista, Christopher West, Rara, and Aziza!  We’ll all be wearing our silly little caps and weirdly questionable sexuality kerchief around our necks as we chug $4 Sailor Jerrys all night long!  C’mon, Diethrich would look positively adorable in a sailor outfit, wouldn’t he?  Comedy at 8.30; fish racing at 11; $4 bacon wrapped deep fried hot dogs all night long!

Pertinent Links:

Check out the fledgling site Storytelling602 and stay tuned for updates on all the storytelling happenings about the valley!

One of the very storytelling happenings that you might be interested in is Storyline: Shadows at Space 55 this Friday at 10.30!

Be sure to help out Lawn Gnome Publishing anyway you can in their time of need.

Dan’s phabulous photos at Instagram!

Get ready for new Sunday shows at Monkey Pants!

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Thanks for listening; keep coming out to shows and supporting the Live, Local, Strafing, Dive-Bombing, Kamikaze-ing Independent PHX Comedy Scene!

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