Episode 36: Alvin Williams Signs the Guest Book


Bang!  Boom!  Whoosh and Kablooie!  Time for a totally non-Fourth of July related S&M Comedy Podcast!

On today’s podcast, you’ll get to hear our delightful conversation with Alvin Williams.  Alvin was on tour here from his native Chicago, as well as his native Pacific Northwest, as well as his native Deep South, as well as his native East Coast…well, you get the picture.  Alvin grew up a sampling bit of the local flavor everywhere he and his folks landed.  Perhaps that nomadic childhood is why he’s so comfortable making his living on the road as a nationally touring comic.  Perhaps that level of comfort is why he has such a polished, professional ease on stage.  Perhaps that professionalism is why we sought him out to be on the podcast today, sharing his stories with you and dispensing incredibly valuable advice that just can’t be accepted cavalierly, as these words of wisdom come fresh from the “The Next Level” that all of the comics we know in PHX are trying to achieve.

Ah, that coveted position, “The Next Level.”  Anyone who strives for anything in comedy is striving for “The Next Level.”  Whether you’re a six month comic wanting to have the onstage poise and awareness of a two year comic, whether you’re a seasoned open mic performer coveting feature status at a club, whether you’re a couple years deep into small-circuit touring and your blood burns for a TV credit so you can just get…just get…  “The Next Level” is all we really want.  Well, take heart, my juicy little pot roast- after listening to S&M Comedy Podcast #36 with Alvin Williams, you too will understand that “The Next Level” is within your reach.  Alvin believes in you.  We believe in you.  Now you just need to believe in you.  Yeah, that feels good, doesn’t it?

Upcoming shows for us:  Steve Marek will be at Dos Gringos on 7/10.

This Thursday at Monkey Pants, put your black-gloved fist in the air and stand in solidarity with Ron Babcock, Chris Bennett, Xchel Hernandez, Kevy Brown, Jeffrey Wiles, Nick Paul, Justin Bond, Marcus Neal, Matt Anderson, and Bully Mammoth’s Ryan Gaumont and Ricky Brindley!  Comedy at 8.30, fish racing at 11, sticking $4 bacon wrapped deep fried hot dogs smothered in nacho cheese to the man all day long!

Pertinent Links:

The Official Alvin Williams Website!
Follow the tweets across the sky:  Alvin!  Simon!  Theodore!  Dave?
Befriend us forever:  Alvin!  S&M!  Jamie!  Steve!  (C’mon, you didn’t really think we’d do another hacky-ass Alvin & The Chipmunks reference, did you?)  Oh, and don’t forget Shades of Black!

Thanks for listening, keep coming out to shows and supporting the Live, Local, Triumphantly Billowing in the Breeze PHX Comedy Scene!

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