Episode 78: Everybody Loves Zoltan


Hola hola hola!  Thanks for joining us here at smcomedy.com or Stitcher or iTunes or however it is that you’re listening to us!  We’re just happy to have you here!

Today’s fantastic podcast is with Zoltan Kaszas, out from California!  He’s been performing for about eight years now, getting his start as a wee lad at 19 at The Comedy Co-Op in San Diego, and has been skyrocketing ever since, winning festivals and contests all up and down the west coast, from San Diego to Seattle and all points in between.  This past Sunday, we had him and his fellow San Diego comic Trenton Davis out for $6 Sundays at Monkey Pants, and they took the audience on a wild and very unpredictable ride.

You’ll enjoy this interview of this very up & coming young man (wow, it’s weird to call a comic we look up to ‘young man’); you’ll hear about his emigration to America from Hungary, working with an agent, hating L.A. with every fiber of his being, and even an immortal question or two.  Enjoy, and thanks for coming out to Pants this past Sunday.  YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, YOU AWESOME FUCKING ASS-KICKERS.

Get ready for the return of First Friday Comedy at Lawn Gnome Publishing!  Get on the light rail with the swarm of youngsters and hipsters and coffee stirrers and come on down and join the hoary throngs on the First Friday Art Walk!  We kick off our comedy shenanigans in the back yard of the independent bookstore on Roosevelt Row at 10pm for some super indie comedy with us, Paul Lucie, and Eric Sobczak!

Next Friday, second Friday, we’ll be back at Space 55 for S&M Comedy Presents…Silence- Comedians on Storytelling!  At 10.30pm, come out for some super arty, down and dirty serious performances from comedians Josh Graves, Kirsten Alberts, Aaron Kyle, James Hoenscheidt, Hason Hill, and Charlie Speez!  Admission is only a $5 (or more) donation to the theater, so come witness these great comics getting serious with you for a minute or two!

Wednesday at Hidden House, Phoenix’s Longest Running Independent Comedy Show promises laughter and good times or a serious beating and good times, whichever comes first!  Everybody’s favorite Bartender Brian will be doling out the drinks with furious precision as special guest host Eric Sobczak brings up the comics one after another, from Ashley Naftule, Aaron Decker, Noah Findling, Chris Centanni, Barbara Burd and Ian Gilb, all the way to Steve Marek, Steve Maxwell, and Jamie Sanderson!  Comedy starts at 9pm, so come lurk in the darkness with us!

This Thursday at Monkey Pants, we hope the comics will stop dancing around the maypole long enough to drop a dick joke or two on you, but if we know anything about comics, we know they loooooove dancing around maypoles.  Join John Henry, Aaron Kyle, Adam Waddle, Bear Torres, Jorge Ruiz, Josh Klein, Nathan Evangelista, NegativSteve, Ryan Gaumont and Tampon Man, as they all take part in the most delicious of all the ancient Pagan fertility rites of eating $4 bacon wrapped deep fried hot dogs smothered in nacho cheese!

Visit 1-2-3 Jokes! and hear Jamie try his hand at topical humor!

Pertinent Links:

Go to Zoltan’s website where you can get up to the minute Zoltan information!

If up to the minute is a little too frequent for you, perhaps you’d like to hear about This Week in Zoltan…on iTunes!

Twittaz:  Zoltan  S&M  S M

Facez:  Senor Kaszas  S&M Comedy  M S

Thanks for listening; keep coming out to shows and supporting the Live, Local, Sleepy, Lethargic, Winding Down Independent PHX Comedy Scene!


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