Surf’s Up! Or Down. We Don’t Really Know How To Determine These Things.


Hello!  Quick podcast weekly update thingamajig time!

Jamie’s on vacation in San Diego, missing all of Phoenix Comedy very dearly, you can be sure.  Meanwhile, Steve is left here to toil away in the desert, slangin’ mics all the live long day.

We just pulled off a splendid night at Lawn Gnome Publishing with Eric Sobczak, Paul Lucie, and Gordon McKay!  There were young children, scads of supportive artsy times, and an alley heckler.  Where the hell else can you get an alley heckler, honestly?  We love these shows, but it’s time to put them to bed for a little while, because it’s just about to be too damned hot for comedy under the stars for the next couple months.  We’ll be back in the backyard of the little independent bookstore on the First Friday Art Walk once fall comes around, so stay tuned to, PHX’s home of the independentest comedy that ever independented!

This Friday, some super duper independent comedy-like performance stuff will be happening at Space 55, as we bring you another edition of Silence- Comedians on Storytelling!  James Hoenscheidt, Jason Hill, Josh Graves, Kirsten Alberts, Charlie Speez, and Aaron Kyle will all be getting serious and all performance arty!  All you need to do is to show up at 10.30pm with your own beer and a Lincoln in your hot little hand, and you can be a part of the last S&M Comedy Presents of the season!  We’ll be back in the fall (hey, you’ve heard this before somewhere) with another round of seriously independent shows!

Wednesday night at Hidden House, we’ll welcome our dear friend Jason Hill to be a fantastic guest host for the evening, and he’ll be sharing the stage with Adam Lark, Dave Schnier, Erick Biez, Kelly Stewart, Kristofer Royer, Matt Micheletti, Travis Kenny and The Steves as Bartender Brian rules the back of the room with an iron fist and a heavy pour!  Fortunately for all the drunks, Brian’s pouring hand is his iron fist.  Show starts at 9pm, get in the Hidden House for PHX’s Longest Running Independent Comedy Show!

This Thursday at Monkey Pants, we’ll give our headliner, Noah Findling, a bon voyage hot dog before he shoves off for the east coast, leaving us behind here in PHX to dry up without him.  *sniff*  Before he goes, though, he gets to rock the mic in Pants for a solid 20min, joined by some of his very good friends and PHX Comedy acolytes Eric Sobczak, Michael Turner, Jeff Turbitt, Brian Vilona, Richie Martin, Sam Lowy, Matt Kurz, Aaron Decker, Dustin Elkin, Jason Hill, and Barbara Burd!  Comedy at 8.30; fish racing at 11pm, so get your ass in Pants!

Thanks for listening, keep coming out to shows and supporting the Live, Local, Sea Salt Breeze Tasting, Independent PHX Comedy Scene!

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