Go Time?


Oh, such a quick little Weekly Update for you.  And we’re outta this.

S&M Comedy in transition.  That is the biggest news around the whiskey cooler right now.  We’re taking time off from Lawn Gnome and Space 55, time to soak up air conditioning and regroup and develop new shows.  New shows that are big!  New shows that are exciting!  New shows that are new and big and exciting!  This is a thrilling time to be a boring-ass comedian in PHX.

Until we come out with these big exciting new shows, the best thing we have to offer you is more interviews in the pipeline, and huuuuuuge enormous shows at PHX Comicon!  Our first year at the Con, we had to turn people away all night from a 90 seat room.  The next year at the Con, we blew out a 180 seat room so bad they gave us a 300 seat room for two nights!  This year…500 seat room with a CASH BAR!  That’s right, drunk nerds, falling all over each other, laughing at jokes by dorks about dorks.  Come, come, come to Phoenix Comicon and enjoy The Free Stand-Up Comedy Show Sponsored by PhoenixComedy.org!  Check our snazzy flier, add yourself to the Facebook event links below, and put us in your ConQuest so we can all have a great Independent PHX Comedy time at PHX Comicon!Comicon2014Small

S&M Comedy at PHX Comicon Friday, June 6th!

S&M Comedy at PHX Comicon Saturday, June 7th!

S&M Comedy Presents…This Day in History…at Phoenix Comicon!

How do you get into all these fancy pants shows?  You have to get your passes to Phoenix Comicon, of course!  Until then…

This Wednesday at Hidden House, Bartender Brian will show you why he’s known as the heaviest hand in the West as our special guest host Kristofer Royer, spearheads a fantastic lineup of Live, Local, Independent comedy featuring Charlie Speez, Daniel Amaro, Erick Biez, Jason Hill, Jules Hyde, Kirsten Alberts, Matt Anderson, and everyone’s least favorite three headed monster, the dreaded Maxwell, Marek, and Sanderson!  Oooooo!  Phoenixes’s Longest Running Independent Comedy Show kicks off every Wednesday at 9p, so come find a seat in the dark recesses of the Hidden House!

This Thursday at Monkey Pants, punches will be thrown and switchblades will be…switched(?) as the Altercation Punk Comedy Tour barrels into town, fueled by $4 bacon wrapped deep fried hot dogs smothered in nacho cheese!  Join AZ comedians Kristofer Royer, Adam Lark, Erin Ontko, Erick Biez, Joey G, and Gonzo as we get invaded by Austinites Joe Staats, Jt Habersaat, and Jay Whitecotton!  Comedy at 8.30, fish racing at 11, so get your ass in Pants!

Thanks for listening; keep coming out to shows and supporting the Live, Local, Hurly, Burly, Surly Independent PHX Comedy Scene!

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