Episode 80: The Rise and Fall and Rise of Tony Vicich


Hola!  Howdy!  Aloha!  Guten stuff!  Another S&M Comedy Podcast awaits you!

Today’s very special guest on the podcast is the ever-loquacious Tony Vicich! You’ll recall that we had Tony on the show a bazillion years ago, on Episode 28, when he and Comedy Schools were based out of Mark Anderson’s Tempe Improv. Episode 28 was a solid two years ago, and in the Live, Local, Independent PHX Comedy Scene, a lot of water can pass under a lot of bridges in two years.

We talked at length about all that water–Tony’s arrival at Tempe Center for the Arts, his upcoming new Saturday series, Comedy in the Cellar at Vito’s Ristorante in Mesa, and of course, the giantest elephant taking up the most space in the room, the shuttering of the original Tempe Improv after the tragic death of Mark Anderson. We talked with Tony about that; there were very few people closer to Mark at that time than Tony. Is it the touching tribute you want?  Are names named, blames cast, and indictments flung about haphazardly, without regard to career or public standing in this interview?  No, not really. None of the above. Tony isn’t really that guy. He’s in the business of teaching people the ins and outs of a comedy stage, not the business of breaking down on the air nor the business of angering everyone in town…well…sortof.

Could we, the S&M Comedy Podcasteers, have dug a little deeper into the dramatic last months of the original Tempe Improv and last weeks before Mark Anderson’s terrible death? Probably, but S&M Comedy is in the business of providing profiles of local and national comics, and not in the business of pissing off interviewees by constantly pushing and prodding for answers that they don’t want to give. Well, not yet, anyway.

What you’ll find in this interview is a fine follow-up to episode 28. It might be something that should’ve happened a lot sooner, but maybe emotions were too high or the time wasn’t right for some reason or another. But now, with Tony and Comedy Schools firmly established in their happy, healthy home at Tempe Center for the Arts, and with Tony bringing comedy to the far east valley starting on Saturday, May 31st, the time definitely seemed right.

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This Thursday at Monkey Pants, have the pox of boredom lifted from your humdrum life by the infallible comedy forces of Dave Schnier, Aaron Kyle, Anthony Desamito, David Delgado, Demetrius Lee, Ian Gilb, Jamie Camire, Kelly Stewart, Matt Anderson, Rob Maebe, and Stuart Mazzeo! Express your gratitude for these intrepid doldrum defeaters with your hearty laughter and your hedonistic debauchery! Comedy at 8.30; fish racing at 11, so get your ass in Pants!

Pertinent Links:

Visit the Comedy Schools website for everything you need to know about Tony’s shows, from Friday nights at TCA to Saturdays at Vito’s, and information if you’re considering joining a comedy workshop!

Faces: Tony S&M Jamie Steve

Twitta: Tony S&M Steve Jamie

Thanks for listening; keep coming out to shows and supporting the Live, Local, Persistently Sapient Independent PHX Comedy Scene!

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