Episode 81: Zed Phillips Didn’t Win the Stan Lee Cup


Why hello there! And we mean that in the most non-threatening manner.

Speaking of non-threatening, today’s unassuming little podcast is with the ever-adorable, always intelligently funny Zed Phillips! Zed is a man that has been with us since the very beginning, when we were all just wee cheeping birds in the nest, clamoring for mamabird (that’s totally Steve Maxwell) to regurgitate some mealy substance down our throats and kick our annoying asses out of the nest to watch us either fly majestically or plop unceremoniously on the ground. It’s quite up to you to determine if any of us have flown or plopped.

Well, you’ll hear plenty of stories in this podcast about the many plops and flights that we’ve all experienced together along the way, from the first early shows we first did together at Yucca Tap Room on Sunday nights, to Phillips having a little bit of his soul whittled away in comedy contests, to helping his dear mom get onstage to perform stand up…usually at his own pride’s expense. We had just performed at Phoenix Comicon all weekend, and had Mr. Zed himself headline our packed house Saturday show at the Renaissance Hotel, as well as drop some true facts and utter lies on a happy little audience at This Day in History. That definitely counts more as a flight than a plop.

Zed is one of the nicest guys in comedy and one of our dearest and best friends. We were happy to finally have him on the podcast this weekend, almost perfectly bookending with the first time he was on, the live podcast from Phoenix Comicon 2012.  Have a good time with us.

This Wednesday at Hidden House, your Fairy God-Bartender Brian will be pouring stiff drinks all night as you wander through an enchanted land of dick jokes!  Special guest host Paul Lucie will guide you through a frightening forest lurking with asshole comedians like Gordon McKay, Eric Sobczak, Matt Micheletti, Dave Schnier, Matt Kurz, Adam Lark, Jason Hill, Matt Storrs, Kelly Stewart, and the dreaded triple headed monster of Marek, Maxwell, and Sanderson!  Phoenixes’s Longest Running Independent Comedy Show happens every Wednesday at 9pm, only at the Hidden House!

This Thursday at Monkey Pants, get ready for a serious education when Comedy School’s Tony Vicich takes the stage, aided by substitute teachers Andy Steinberg, Chris Centanni, Kirsten Alberts, Kristofer Royer, Rob Maebe, Jules Hyde, Jay McCreary, Nick Ehst, Barbara Burd, and Wesley Atkins!  Choices for lunch are $4 bacon wrapped deep fried hot dogs smothered in nacho cheese or $4 Sailor Jerrys.  Class starts at 8.30, and you may race your goldfish at 11pm recess.

Check out Steve at Tempe Improv, opening for former Phoenician Jimmy Earll on Thursday!

Get out to see Jamie at Stand Up Scottsdale’s side room, opening for Jonny Loquasto on Friday!

Pertinent Links:

Facemuhbooks:  Zed  S&M  Jamie  Steve

Twittertown:  Phillips  S&M  Marek  Sanderson

Thanks for listening; keep coming out to shows and supporting the Live, Local, Boozin’, Bruisin’, Cruisin’ Independent PHX Comedy Scene!

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