Wake Up in a Cold Sweat


Actually a cold sweat sounds quite nice right about now, eh PHX Comedeers?  Welcome to a quick little S&M Comedy Weekly Update; hopefully you’re somewhere centrally air-conditioned whilst you hear it!

The Voyage Trekkers Fundraising Party at Monkey Pants was a rousing success!  James Hoenscheidt had a bludgeoning 30min set to close us out, after performances by Jamie, Steve, Zed Phillips, and Bully Mammoth.  It was a great show, and we’re grateful to Voyage Trekkers’ director Nathan Blackwell for listening to James Hoenscheidt’s recommendation that he use S&M Comedy and Monkey Pants for his post-fundraising goal meeting party needs.

Other fanciful shows—

This Wednesday at The Hidden House, S&M Comedy Presents…Goodbye Cruel World swings by Arizona’s most suicide note-y dive bar!  Bartender Brian will keep the depressants coming as Aaron Kyle, Ronnie D, Ali Musa, Myke Dehu, Amy Blackwell, Matt Micheletti, Erin Ontko, Matt Martin, Ernesto Moncada, Maia Doty, and Jason Hill all join the Law Firm of Maxwell, Marek, and Sanderson for an evening of eulogies, suicide notes, and irreverant rememberances!  Phoenixes’s Longest Running Independent Comedy Show shuffles off this mortal coil every Wednesday at 9pm, so come lurk in the darkness with us!

This Thursday at Monkey Pants, join us for an evening of Comedy for a Cause.  Will it be Stand Up to Cancer?  Stand Up to Bullying?  Stand Up to Deep Vein Thrombosis?  No to all.  Come to the home of the $4 bacon wrapped deep fried hot dog to help raise money for The Jericho Davidson Tattoo and Whiskey Fund!  Jericho will be back, visiting from NY, and bringing up his Tucsonian pals Pauly Casillas, Joey G, and Jacob Breckenridge to join in all the philanthropic good times with Phoenicians Brian Vilona, Richie Martin, Dustin Elkin, Matt Micheletti, and Jeff Turbitt!  Admission is a $5 suggested donation to the fund, so come out and support!

That’s about it for us; time to get back to all this very important sweating.  Thanks for listening; keep coming out to shows and supporting the Live, Local, Giving, Gracious, Magnanimous Independent PHX Comedy Scene!

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