Episode 84: Roy Wood Jr Flunked Out for You


Hi there, and welcome to another beginning of another two parter from the S&M Comedy Podcast!

Today’s interview is with the fantastic nationally touring Roy Wood, Jr!  Roy was in town at Stand Up Live with the Sullivan & Son Comedy Tour, and was gracious enough to let us invade his hotel room for a couple hours to record a very deep, dense podcast.  You’ll get to hear about the amount of work ethic and discipline and planning to get his comedy career started, and how that work ethic has changed and evolved over the years since he began in the late 90′s.  Since those naive days, thinking Tommy Davidson would take him out to LA, he’s released three albums of prank calls that he did when he was a morning radio DJ in his hometown of Birmingham, Alabama, and one album of his own stand up, recorded by our good friend, Mike Merryfield.  And you’ll get to hear about the hustle to survive as a comic.  It’s about the long view.  Holy crap, is it about the long view.

Wednesday at the Hidden House, Bartender Brian will be flexing his burly drink pouring arms behind the bar as special guest host Jason Hill does 10.5oz curls all night, working out his joke muscles with Adam Lark, Shayne Michael, Anthony Desamito, Matt Storrs, Charlie Speez, Kristofer Royer, Derek McFarland, Kon Stamadianos, and John Connell!  Come get stronger through stand up at Phoenixes’s Longest Running Independent Comedy Show, every Wednesday night at 9pm!

This Thursday at Monkey Pants, the hilarity will flow like molten nacho cheese on $4 bacon wrapped deep fried hot dogs as San Fransiscan comic Matt Gubser visits our lovely desert home behind a Purcell’s Tire Shop, headlining in the land of the one o’clock shirtless shot, warmly welcomed by Aaron Kyle, Tim Shostak, Angela Merkin Haines, Shayne Michael, Anthony Desamito, Nathan Evangelista, Dave Schnier, Matt Micheletti, Eric Sobczak, and John Connell!  Comedy at 8.30; fish racing at 11, so get your ass in Pants!

Pertinent Links:

Get on over to Roy’s website and take a look at some videos and listen to some of his infamous pranks!

Twittaz:  Roy  S&M  Jamie  Steve

Facez:  Mr. Jr  Mr. Podcast  Mr. Marek  Mr. Sanderson

Thanks for listening; keep coming out to shows and supporting the Live, Local, Burning, Sweltering, Overheated Independent PHX Comedy Scene!

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