Episode 84b: Fruit Basket for Roy Wood Jr



Are you ready for the second half of your interview with Roy Wood Jr?  Because it’s still depressing.  You’ll get to hear about the worst road gig ever.  You’ll get to hear about how it never ends.  You’ll get to hear about how you can stay in the comedy business if you can stay ahead of technology.  And you might get a fruit basket.  Long story.

Wednesday at the Hidden House, Bartender Brian will be pouring drinks with an iron fist in the shadowy depths of Phoenixes’s Longest Running Independent Comedy Show, as super special guest host Kirsten Alberts, headliner Josh Graves, and local comics Day Peace, Erin Ontko, Jas Clay, John Connell, Michael Palladino, Michael Turner, Paul Lucie, and Ryan Lawson all tell vulgar dick jokes,  deep existential philosophy, and hit all points in between!  Comedy at 9p, so get in early to grab a bar stool and lurk in the darkness with us!

Thursday night at Monkey Pants, you’ll have visions of adorable koala bears rappelling from the rafters when Tim Bateman takes the stage, joined by fellow fantastic comics Anwar Newton, James Hoenscheidt, Gregory Freiler, David Delgado, Gordon McKay, Lawyer Johnson, Mark Kintzley, Brian Kearly, and Sumit Nunjal!  Comedy at 8.30; fish racing at 11!  Be ready to share your $4 bacon wrapped deep fried hot dogs, because koalas LOVE hot dogs!

Pertinent Links:

Get on over to Roy’s website and take a look at some videos and listen to some of his infamous pranks!

Twittaz:  Roy  S&M  Jamie  Steve

Facez:  Mr. Jr  Mr. Podcast  Mr. Marek  Mr. Sanderson

Thanks for listening; keep coming out to shows and supporting the Live, Local, Neighborly, Approachable, Friendly, Independent PHX Comedy Scene!


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