Episode 86: Fact Checkin’ with Matt Storrs


Hidee hidee hidee ho!  Time for a super swell comedy podcast interview radio-like talkshow podcast interview thingie!

Today’s interview is with Matt Storrs!  Matt’s style is dry and smart, clearly influenced by the British comedy on which he was raised.  He’s also a very nice chap, a lawyer, and from what we hear, one hell of a baker, though he didn’t bring us any cookies.  That’s fine; we don’t require cookies from interviewees.  It would just be nice once in a while.  *sniff*

After doing this podcast, we were able to get up to Rick Bronson’s House of Comedy in far north Scottsdale.  We had a good time, got to meet Rick, eat some poutine, and check out Phoenixes’s newest comedy club.  Pretty dope spot; you’ll like it.  As dope as this interview?  Probably not.  Because it you could sum up Matt Storrs in a word, if would most assuredly be “dope.”

Wednesday at Hidden House, Bartender Brian will be rocking the heavy pour as a cadre of corny comics comes to rock the mic, including super special guest host Gregory Freiler, headliner Glendon McGee, Adam Lark, Bill Losurdo, Gonzo, Heidi Geldis-Young, Marc Crossman, Michael Palladino, Negative Steve, Ryan Stalder from Los Angeles, and back from New York, one of the prodigious progenitors of PHX Independent Comedy, Ryan McKee!  Phoenixes’s Longest Running Independent Comedy Show starts every Wednesday at 9pm, so shove some Mi Patio tacos in your face and come lurk in the darkness with us!

This Thursday at Monkey Pants, defeat boredom and inanity with an evening of comedy provided by super special guest host Jason Hill, MTV’s Ryan McKee, as well as Adam Lark, Autumn Garza, Chris Centanni, Eric Sobczak, Glendon McGee, Lawyer Johnson, Maia Doty, Marc Crossman, and Tim Shostak, and an evening of $4 bacon wrapped deep fried hot dogs smothered in nacho cheese provided by the kitchen!  Absolutely free comedy begins at 8.30pm, followed by fish racing at 11, so get your ass in Pants!

Friday night, S&M Comedy Presents returns to Space 55 with another edition of This Day in History!

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Thanks for listening; keep coming out to shows and supporting the Live, Local, Investigative, Analytical, Independent PHX Comedy Scene!

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