Episode 87: S&M Comedy Presents…This Day in History 9/12/14!


Hello, and what the fuck is going on?  What is this history stuff?  Where’s my usual boring comedy talk?!

Well, it just so happens that we had one of the best This Day in History shows this past S&M Comedy Presents, and it just so happens that we were also able to get some really good audio out of it!  So screw everything, let’s listen to a comedy show!

This particular This Day in History featured a lineup of Steve Maxwell, Aaron Kyle, Erin Ontko, Anwar Newton, Kirk Buckhout, NegativSteve, Jeff Turbitt, Matt Storrs, and of course, Steve & Jamie.  All comics on This Day in History are to research and write jokes about the events that occurred throughout history on the date of the performance.  On this particular date, September 12, comics had a few events to choose from- the births of Louis C.K. and Paul F. Tompkins, Adolf Hitler joining the German Worker’s Party, and the death of Johnny Cash, to name a few.  There’s always something to write about for every This Day in History, and half the fun is hearing different takes on the same event by different performers.

This show is, of course, part of the late night S&M Comedy Presents series at Space 55.  We also produce bunches of other kinds of bizarrely themed shows there every second Friday, so you should share this podcast with friends and bring some people out for Poetry Slim, October 10th at Space 55!  S&M Comedy Presents at Space 55 is always only a $5 donation to the theatre, and a BYOB show.  That is one helluva cheap night of ferociously independent comedy that just doesn’t happen anywhere else.  Support local comedy.  Forealz.

Wednesday night at Hidden House Comedy, the first ever All-Old Material Night! Firmly established, well-rounded local comedians like Amy Blackwell, Anthony Desamito, Charlie Speez, Greg Freiler, Jonathan Glasser, Kirsten Alberts, Kristofer Royer, and Zed Phillips will revisit the vaults and trot out their material from their first 6-12 months of comedy! Material they’ve long given up on! Material they’ve tried to forget! Material that makes them cringe! All that will be on stage and in your ears, Wednesday, September 24th, at Phoenixes’s Longest Running Independent Comedy Show! The awkwardness starts at 9pm, so grab a friend, grab a drink from Bartender Brian, and come lurk in the dark with us!

Get ready for the next S&M Comedy Presents…Poetry Slim!

Thanks for listening; keep coming out to shows and supporting the Live, Local, Historic, Eventful, Independent PHX Comedy Scene!

poetry slim

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