These are the Days of Our Lives


Well, they WERE the days of our lives, anyway.

This week we bid farewell to The Hidden House.  The home of Phoenixes’s Longest Running Independent Comedy show has shut its doors for good.  The home of the show that started Steve and Jamie in comedy, that started so many Phoenix comedians, the place that has been facing dwindling bar customers ever since losing the kitchen a couple years ago, has finally succumbed to what was probably inevitable.

If there seems to be an implosion in PHX Comedy these days, it’s probably a sign that we’re too deeply entrenched to see a bigger picture.  Certainly PHX Comedy is not suddenly receding and drying out like an inland sea in an arid desert, right?  What we’re experiencing now is most likely a shakeup.  The old guard is getting rattled out of their entrenched positions; making way for younger comics to become producers and create new venues and new stage opportunities.

We’re honestly excited about all the changes that are going on.  Excited for our new found free time to work on ourselves and our own material, and exited to see what pans out in the coming months.  Do us proud, PHX Comedy.  Don’t be dicks, and do us proud.

This Friday is First Friday!  That means First Friday Comedy at Lawn Gnome Publishing!  Come to the little bookstore that could on Roosevelt Row in the heart of the arts district and get some free independent comedy in ya!

That means next Friday is Second Friday (which isn’t really a thing).  But that means it’s S&M Comedy Presents…Poetry Slim!  Get on down to Space 55, 636 E Pierce St, PHX’s home for cutting edge independent theater, at 10.30pm on Friday, 10/10, for an evening of comics shitting all over the lovely art of poetry!

That’s it for us!  Thanks for listening, and keep coming out to shows and supporting the Live, Local, Slightly Smaller Independent PHX Comedy Scene!

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