Episode 88: Party Size Genevieve Rice


Hey alriiiiight!  Time for another S&M Comedy Podcast, right in your ears!

Today’s nice little interview is with Genevieve Rice!  Genevieve first started performing on an open mic in her home state of Oklahoma when she was just a wee little college student.  Since those meager beginnings, she has become a much loved comedy fixture both at bar shows and at comedy clubs, she has created a very creative show in the always hilarious Snark Show, and she has become a homeowner with a reasonable credit score.  You know, things all comics aspire to achieve, but probably never will.

You’ll get to hear about all that, plus stories about religion, Twitter, Taco Bueno, marriage, jazz, and cats on today’s S&M Comedy Podcast!

Genevieve will be hosting (as in holding the show at her house) and headlining The Social Media Show this Wednesday!

Get to liking Thank You for Being a Podcast, with episodes coming out soon!

Be sure to check out Genevieve’s website, Facebook, Instagram,and incredibly prolific Twitter!  You could also find her on Ello, but we’re not really sure what that is yet.

This Friday is Poetry Slim!  A laundry list of comics all get together and shit on the sensitive art of poetry!  That’s this Friday at 10.30pm at Space 55!  BYOB and a fivespot to get your ass in the door!

That’s about it for us!  Thanks for listening; keep coming out to shows and supporting the Live, Local, Troubled, Perturbed, Disturbed Independent PHX Comedy Scene!

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