Quiet Week.


Nothing to see here.  Move along.  But before you do, take this S&M Comedy Weekly Update with you!

There really isn’t much to talk about.  Steve’s going to be at TCA this Friday at 7.30.  You should make it out to that, simply because it’s a total mystery who the headliner is, and it’s TCA, and shows there are always fantastic.  Jamie’s got a bit of a reprieve from comedy while sorting out some shit in his personal life.  Hey, maybe there will be a story to come out of it…speaking of…

Silence November 14

It is almost time for another round of Silence: Comedians on Storytelling at Space 55!  Add yourself to the facebook event and then physically add yourself to the actual event!

And if that weren’t enough independent comedy for you, the OTHER independentiest independent comedy show in PHX is one week prior, First Friday at Lawn Gnome Publishing!  Get the fuck out!

Thanks for listening; keep coming out to shows and supporting the Live, Local, Independent, Moving, Juking, Shaking, Doin’ it, you know, PHX Comedy Scene!

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