Episode 90: Kristofer Royer Explains Tortoise Mating Habits


It is Wednesday, and that means another S&M Comedy Podcast!  Another S&M Comedy Podcast?  Yes.  Another one.

Today’s handy dandy informative entertaining conversation is with longtime PHX Comedy mainstay Kristofer Royer!  We had a fun time recording this one; Kris is one of those guys on the scene that is able to be friends with everyone, able to captivate any comedy audience while simultaneously winning over the asshole comics in the back of the room.  Not sure why it took us so long to get this conversation on record (holy crap episode 90), but we’re glad it finally happened.  So, finally, 90 S&M Comedys in, you’ll get to hear about Kris’s thoughts on hip-hop, ADD, marriage, cats, and turtle dicks.  Finally.

This Friday is First Friday!  We’re back at Lawn Gnome, bringin’ our own booze and independently comedying with Andy Steinberg, Genevieve Rice, Jeff Turbitt, and Jules Hyde!  Get down to the little bookstore at 905 N 5th Street in the heart of Roosevelt Row at 10pm for a little comedy under the stars!  Or clouds.  Who knows.

Next Friday, 11/14, we’ll return with another S&M Comedy Presents…Silence- Comedians on Storytelling at Space 55!  Bring your sexy ass and a $5 donation to the theater, and let’s get nice & uncomfortable together!

Royer on Facebook and Twitter.  His internet presence is like internet presents!

Thanks for listening; keep coming out to shows and supporting the Live, Local, Beguiling, Inspiring, Engrossing, Independent PHX Comedy Scene!

Silence November 14

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