You’ll Get a Story Out Of It.


Hola!  Let’s have a quickie little update and be on our merry way!

We had a great show at Lawn Gnome this past Friday!  If you haven’t been out in a while, we’ve changed the format slightly to include more performers and quicker sets, and the audiences are responding quite favorably.  You should get out to Lawn Gnome for First Friday on December 5th!  It will be cold, but not so cold your butt will stick to the seat.  Unless you really want that to happen.  We could make it happen.

This Friday, it won’t be nearly as cold at Space 55 for Silence: Comedians on Storytelling!  BYOB and a $5 donation to the little black box theater that could, and enjoy a nice comfy seat INSIDE and everything!  Oh yeah, and there will be comedians telling stories there, too.

Also, Wednesday, Jamie and Steve will both be out at Third Space, Steve Maxwell’s new Wednesday night show.  Third Space is at 1028 Grand Avenue, the show is free, and there is a bar.  What more reason do you need to come and check out a new venue with us?

Hey, we told you it would be quick.  Thanks for listening; keep coming out to shows and supporting the Live, Local, Incandescent, Independent PHX Comedy Scene!

Silence November 14

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