Thanksgivin’ a Fuck


Hola!  We got a quick little audio update for you, so come check it out with your ears!

We hope you’ve been enjoying listening to the Bill O’Connor podcast, taking in all that history and conspiracy, and we hope you’re already working your way through “Confessions of a Bronx Bookie!”  It’s not very often that someone we all know and hang with at shows writes a book, so go pick up a copy and support!

Jamie just got back from doing a weekend at Laff’s in Tucson.  He got to meet a couple cool comics he would’ve otherwise never known, Jose Sarduy and John Crist.  They were very nice, and the crowds were very good, and, as always, Laff’s is absolutely the best club in Arizona.

Steve will be out there in a couple weeks opening for John Roy and Alex Falcone, whom you probably remember from Episodes 66.  You should definitely make the trek down to Tucson for one of those shows, because holy shit.

This Friday, Jamie will be hosting at The Lighthouse Bar way out at El Mirage and Indian School.  Swing by if you’re in the neighborhood, avoid Black Friday shopping horrors for a spell.

Next week!  Lawn Gnome!

The week after that!  New show at Space 55!  But it’s still a secret.

Thanks for listening; keep coming out to shows and supporting the Live, Local, Cranberry Covered, Pumpkin Filled, Independent Comedy Scene!

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