The Business End


Hola, everybody!  We’ve got a quick update for you and then you can get on with your lives.  Because we know your lives just immediately halt when a new S&M Comedy drops.

The big news that we have to share is the Altercation Punk Comedy Tour making a stop at the Hidden House this very Wednesday, 2/4!  JT Habersaat and Jay Whitecotton will be bringing Mishka Shubaly through Phoenixes’s Longest Running Independent Comedy Show for a night of true DIY punkballs in your face comedy in your face and stuff.  9pm!  $10!  Fuck yeah!

Friday, we’re back at Lawn Gnome Publishing, DIYing it again in our own special way!  Live, Local, Independent Comedy, always free, BYOB, kicking ass in the back yard on a First Friday on the PHX Art Walk.  Fuck yeah again!

Next Friday, The Storrs Objection is back for round two at Space 55!  This being the month of February, we decided to throw the theme of ROMANCE onto all our performers, and make them all write new material for this show, just to have it tramped on and ridiculed by Matt Storrs and Bill Binder, the cruel bastards.  Come to Space 55 and see the dickheadery unfold!

That’s all we’ve got for now!

Thanks for listening; keep coming out to shows and supporting the Live, Local, Sugary, Doughy, Independent PHX Comedy Scene!

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