Episode 94: Jay Whitecotton and JT Habersaat Explain Why Everywhere Sucks


And another S&M Comedy Podcast drops, with a hearty THUD!  (was “hearty thud” ever one of those Batman visual sound effects like “ka-pow” and “bamm?”  Because it should’ve been.)

JT Habersaat and Jay Whitecotton are two awesome nationally touring comics based out of Austin, TX.  These two guys are the very epitome of independent DIY comedy.  They wrote the book  We originally met them when they came through our Monkey Pants stomping grounds years ago, and we immediately felt a kinship.  Fantastic bonds were forged, and when they were in town recently touring with Mishka Shubaly, we were very excited to get around the card table with them.

You’ll get to hear a great interview about how to start an indie scene, how much Phoenix sucks, and you’ll receive a fine, firm kick in the ass about how lazy you are at comedy.

This Friday, come out to Space 55 for another fantabulous Storrs Objection!  This month, there will be a romance theme attached to the show, so our comics, Amy Blackwell, Charlie Speez, Dan Amaro, Anthony Desamito, and Molly Dean will all have to write about something with which they’re very unfamiliar- being loved!

Thanks for listening; keep coming out to shows and supporting the Live, Local, Swanky, Fancy, Independent PHX Comedy Scene!

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