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Hello, chaps!  Time for a quick audio update and then get the fuck out!

We hope you enjoyed the JT and Jay podcast last week; it was just the right amount of DIY punk rock infusion that we needed in our tired souls.  Storrs Objection was pretty damned fantastic once again.  So fantastic, in fact, that The Storrs Objection is now going to be a monthly series at Space 55!  We here at S&M Comedy Presents will be sad to see our newest show striking off on its own, but Matt & Bill do all the heavy lifting, so we’re very happy that they’re getting their own special night.

We have yet to set our lineups for Lawn Gnome on 3/6 or Goodbye Cruel World on 3/13, so stay tuned to S&M Comedy for that very privileged information!

Thanks for listening; keep coming out to shows and supporting the Live, Local, Literary, Well-Read, Independent PHX Comedy Scene!

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