Where Trial Size is King!


Hola, people!  Time for a quick little update and then back to clippin’ coupons or whatever the hell it is you do.

Dan Hull’s Bad Buddhist is now officially in the books!  Steve was out at Space 55 for the filming of the one-man show, and was pleased to report great turnouts of receptive audiences, eager to support!  Now it’s off to post-production and we’ll see what becomes of all of Hull’s great work!

This Friday, Jamie will be out at the sideroom of Stand Up Scottsdale, wielding a bulky 20 minute set for Total Class Comedy!  You should get out there, because who knows the next time Jamie’s going to be on stage for 20 minutes on purpose?

Next week, we’ll be back at Lawn Gnome Publishing for what may be the last First Friday Comedy of the first half of the 2015th year!  We’re bringing out a couple friends from Los Angeles as well as some local schlubs, so come out and make everyone feel welcome!

Stay tuned for more info on This Day in History at Space 55 and S&M Comedy invading Phoenix Comicon!

Thanks for listening; keep coming out to shows and supporting Live, Local, Sophisticated, Elegant, Independent PHX Comedy Scene!

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