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Nah, we don’t have a real podcast for you.  We’re feeling lazy.

What we do have for you however, is a fantastic lineup this Friday at Lawn Gnome Publishing, featuring Los Angelesians Tyler Menzarich, Bret Banta, and Jay Light, not to mention the Phantastic Phoenicians Josh Graves, Leslie Barton, John Connell, and Kristofer Royer!  Lawn Gnome is, as you already know, deep in the heart of the First Friday Art Walk, the home of PHX’s independent art scene, and just a place where really cool shit happens.  And not just our show, mind you, Aaron Hopkins-Johnson has created a space where artists of all styles and mediums come together to entertain and learn and share and grow and all that shit.

Why, this very Thursday, Jamie will be out there at Lawn Gnome this Thursday for Matt Storrs’ses’s Pep Rally show!  The theme this week?  TEETH!  Jamie’s got shit to say about teeth, trust us.

Next week we’ll be back at Space 55 for This Day in History, so bone up on your May 8th happenings and see what kinda bullshit we’ll be shovelin’!

Speaking of This Day in History, there will be another super special one later this month at PHX Comicon!  Add in our regular Friday and Saturday shows, and you’ve got a formula for not getting much sleep!  WOOHOO!

That about does it for us; thanks for listening, and keep coming out to shows and supporting the Live, Local, Rapidly Warming, Independent PHX Comedy Scene!

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