Lazy Turds

Yeah, we don’t even have an audio update for you.  How lazy is that?  Well, wait- we have a perfectly good explanation.

You see, this was a three day weekend, and ordinarily, that would be ample time to record a 15 minute blurb about what we’re up to these days.  Alas, Steve was down in Tucson working at Laff’s Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and Jamie was busy the whole time sitting on his ass.

And, so yeah, we forgot.  So why didn’t we take care of it on Tuesday like we normally do, you axe?  Well, because Jamie had his night in the Funniest Person with a Day Job contest at House of Comedy on Tuesday night, and he advanced!  That means that Jamie and Steve will both be going head-to-head in the semifinals sometime in June.  Technically, they won’t be going head-to-head, but you get the drift.

Anyway, the point is that we didn’t have time or memory enough to record an audio update this week.  Sorry ’bout that.  We won’t fuck up like that again, at least for a couple weeks.

This week is Comicon!  We’re out at  the Grand Ballroom of The Renaissance on Friday and Saturday, and we’ll be doing a This Day in History in the west wing of the convention center proper on Sunday!  Go get your  passes (or “Membership” at the Comicon website this very second, you slacker!

Alright, that’s it for us!  Thanks for reading; keep coming out to shows and supporting the Live, Local, Crazy, Mad, Willy-nilly, Independent PHX Comedy Scene!

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