Lazy Turds Two: Judgement Day

Okay, last time we put out nor audio, we had a perfectly good reason, even if that perfectly good reason was a really stupid combination of forgetfulness and busy-ness.  This time, we have no such excuse; just plain flat out laziness.  To you, our listener, we are truly sorry.  BUT MAN, DOES IT FEEL GOOD!

Holy crap, do you know how amazing it is to be in charge of the only responsibility you have, and you can just shirk that responsibility with no repercussions?  It’s fucking amazing!  Yeah, you heard that right- no repercussions!  No one listens to this shit!  I mean, you do, but what are you gonna do?  Complain to our bosses?  Good luck, there are no bosses!  BAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA this is fucking awesome!  *Steve & Jamie high-five*

Upcoming shit:  Jamie will be at Laff’s Tucson this weekend, two shows Friday and Saturday.  Come down and enjoy a show at the best little independent club in the state!

Other than that, we ain’t got shit going on, and it feels great!  Keep your ears peeled for that elusive episode 100; it’s a regular snipe hunt!

Thanks for listening; keep coming out to shows and supporting the Live, Local, Indolent, Slothful, Independent PHX Comedy Scene!

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