Information Blurt! The Big Pine Comedy Festival


Well hi there!  Yeah, we haven’t been up to much, but we finally got a reason to post something again, so here it is!

There has been a lot of hubub about the new and mysterious Big Pine Comedy Festival, lots of questions, lots of rumours and speculation.  So we decided to right to the source and get some answers on record and thrust them out into the internet where they belong, where everyone can ignore the actual official information and continue speculation and rumour slanging.  (c’mon, comedians on Facebook, we see how you are)

We hope you enjoy and learn from this brief little conversation with Genevieve Rice, spearhead of the Big Pine Comedy Festival.  We hope all your questions are answered, we hope you have a burning passion for comedy in Arizona ignited deep in your soul, and we hope you submit, attend, and make sweet love to the first annual Big Pine Comedy Festival!

Thanks for listening; keep coming out to shows and supporting the Live, Local, Big and Piney Independent Comedy Scene!

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