Episode 100: The Mind of Mazzeo


Episode 100!  We’ve finally made it to Episode 100!  We’ve hemmed and hawed, dawdled and dallied, and just generally put it off, but it’s finally here…and we could think of no more fitting interview to grace this hallowed ground than one with Stuart Mazzeo!

Why Mazzeo, you ask?  Well, because we’re the few guys that ever give him a chance to get on stage in PHX.  And because we love the guy and he loves us.  He’s been banned from lots of stages for his various shenanigans, he bombs catastrophically as much as he crushes, he alienates audiences as much as he endears them, but he’s always welcome on an S&M Comedy stage.  When he does well, it’s brilliant, like one for the books.  When he doesn’t do well, it’s like someone shouted “FIRE!” in the room, and it’s equally brilliant.  We’ve drawn heat for putting Mazzeo on our shows because of his polarizing wild card factor, but just like Stuart, we don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks about it.

Like him or not onstage, today you’ll get to hear about Mazzeo’s upbringing in Utica, NY, moving to PHX, living homeless, giving to charities while living in poverty, troubles with the law, and being Alice Cooper.  It’s a long one.  Buckle up.

We don’t really have a whole lot of shows coming up; Steve is performing in the Southeast Comedy Arts Festival next week, so Jamie will be helping out at ThirdSpace on Thursday.

Hey, speaking of ThirdSpace- The Altercation Punk Comedy Tour with Mishka Shubaly and Ron Babcock will be swinging by on September 5th!  Get there, and don’t fuck around!

That’s about it; keep coming out to shows and supporting the Live, Local, Polarizing, Dividing, Independent PHX Comedy Scene!

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