Hola!  Long time, no speak?  No stream?  No download?  Whatever.  You get the drift.

The reason we’re here now is because we gots some shit to share now!  Aren’t you glad that we haven’t just been constantly putting out content even though we actually have nothing of any value to present?  Don’t you wish ALL podcasters valued your time as much as we do?  Holy shit what a beautiful world that would be.

But we’re here to talk about shit, not just talk shit.  The first shit we have to talk about is the valiant return of First Friday Comedy at Lawn Gnome Publishing!  We’ll be back at the independentest little bookstore on Roosevelt Row at 10pm on Friday, September Fourth, after a brutal summer off.  This time around, we’ll be featuring Zed Phillips, Erin Ontko, and Steve Maxwell!  Come out, BYOB, and help us kick off another fantastic season in the backyard!

The second shits we’re here to talk about is The Altercation Punk Comedy Tour at ThirdSpace!  Mishka Shubaly, JT Habersaat, and Ron Babcock will be blowing the roof off of ThirdSpace on Grand Avenue at 7pm on Saturday, September Fifth!  This show, with all this talent, is unbelievably free!    Get out to ThirdSpace for this very special Saturday night comedy extravaganza!  (see, Steve, I remembered the links!)

Jamie had the distinguished honor of appearing on the Wednesday Morning Surf Report Podcast, plugging these here very shows and some other stuff.  But mainly plugging these shows.

Alright, that about does it for us!  Thanks for listening; keep coming out to shows and supporting the Live, Local, Cranky, Grumpy, Curmudgeony, Independent PHX Comedy Scene!

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