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Hey, it’s Wednesday morning, so it must be time for another Wednesday morning blog post! Sadly, we don’t have the gumption to title it, so we’ll leave it up to you. We’re going interactive!

We’ll have local comic Robby Wagner on next week’s podcast, exuding his positive vibes and generous nature right into your ears! In the conversation, we discovered so much about the troubles that Robby’s faced while going as a comedic performer, and all the people that have helped him along the way. It was refreshing to hear from someone that is so aware of generosity and kindness in their many manifestations; its a very honest and touching talk.

Upcoming shows for us: Jamie Sanderson will be at Hidden House on 7/25 and on the Friday Night Lights Showcase at Stand Up Scottsdale on 7/27. Also, get ready for some new shows that we’re producing at Space 55! We’ll be doing monthly late night themed comedy shows, every second Friday at 10.30pm, for only $5! The first one will be This Day in History on August 10th, and we’ll be doing more Digging for Gold shows with Dan Hull, more live podcasts, and more Jokelessessesses! If you want some more info on these, email

This Thursday at Monkey Pants, you’ll be overcome with hilarity as Bully Mammoth, Zack Lyman, Amanda Hurley, Teddy Bearskovich, Billy O’Connor, Remy Burgess, Genevieve Rice, Justin Phillips, Mike Gillerman, Kristofer Royer, and Keith Wilson relentlessly attack your senses with jokes! Treat your laughter-induced oxygen depletion with a couple $4 shots of Captain Morgan, and you’ll be just fine. Who the hell needs oxygen anyway?

Also this Thursday at Monkey Pants, we’ll be taking a collection for Caleb Medley, one of the victims in last week’s terrible shooting in Aurora, CO. In the assault, Caleb sustained injuries that led to some brain damage and the loss of his right eye. He is currently in a medically induced coma at a local hospital. Three days after the shooting, his wife Katie, who was also in the theater at the time of the attack, gave birth to their first child, Hugo. Caleb is a Denver comedian with no medical insurance, not very different than so many of our beloved PHX performers, and now faces millions in medical bills. All money collected on Thursday will go to help pay his medical bills. You can learn more about Caleb HERE. Note the still from the video on the page- so like any crappy bar show that any of us have ever performed in, right next to a distracting dartboard with a semi-attentive audience, struggling for laughs. It would be really awesome to show some support for one of our own, even if he isn’t technically one of our own. So come to Pants and help Caleb, for reals.

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Thanks for reading; keep coming out to shows and supporting the Live, Local, Horizon Expanding, Soul Deepening, Emotionally Broadening PHX Comedy Scene!

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