Episode 55: Fast Talkin’ with Gibbs Saad


Super duper special extra S&M Comedy bonus podcast time, you lucky dog, you!

Today’s interview is with Gibbs Saad of El Paso, TX!  He’s a man of many talents- from comedy and  magic to photography and web design, Gibbs is an unstoppable machine of relentless productivity!

Going by the moniker “Gibran the Comegician,” we first met Gibbs at Laff’s in Tucson back in November when we came down for guest sets on Jackie Kashian’s headline gig.  He was an affable young fellow with a charming onstage energy, and we were pleasantly taken aback when, after hearing about the podcast and the shows we produce, he took us aside and ladled a hearty helping of comedy business sense and networking knowledge on us.


He later reached out to us and booked a headline spot at Monkey Pants the next time he was working at Laff’s in Tucson, so we took advantage and followed him south and scored an interview.  You’ll find some pretty brilliant networking and advertising advice in this podcast, as well as just a very fun conversation with a new friend, that type of new friend that makes everyone he meets feel as if they’ve been pals for a dozen years.  You’ll be seeing more Gibbs around the valley, as he’s making inroads with his own LaughterHours Comedy and with the Refried Comedy network from California, so listen up and start getting used to his rapid fire delivery.

This Thursday at Monkey Pants, we’ll roll out the sticky red carpet for the return of our good old friend Jeff Wiles!  Helping us vacuum up the popcorn hulls in between sips of $4 Captain Morgans will be Charlie Speez, Rianna Vilaire, Bobby Miyamoto, Michael Palladino, Justin Bond, Matt Micheletti, Justin Phillips, Logan Kost, and Chale Galaviz!

First Friday Comedy at Lawn Gnome Publishing continues to bring local PHX indie comedy to the Artwalk crowd!  This Friday at 9pm, we’ll be in the back yard again with Teddy Bearskovich, Charlie Speez, Justin Phillips, and special guest Matt Micheletti, informing the uninitiated about the groundswell of PHX Comedy that lurks in the shadows beyond the two item minimum!

And get ready for another installation of the second Friday late night series S&M Comedy Presents at Space 55!  We’ve got another Silence: Comedians on Storytelling planned for you on May 10th at 10.30pm, featuring Genevieve Rice, Kirk Buckhout, Myke Dehu, Dan Hull and the Torch Theatre’s Sam Haldiman!  Admission is $5, and all proceeds go to Space 55.

Upcoming shows for us:  Jamie will be at Arizona Virtual Studios and in the Character Show at the Icehouse on 5/1, and Steve will be at Copper Blues on 5/7.

Pertinent Links:

Gibbs’ awesomely self-designed, self-run website!

LaughterHours Comedy!

Refried Comedy!

Twittz:  Gibbs  S&M  Jamie  Steve

Facez:  Gibbs  S&M  Steve  Jamie

Drink Press Coffee!

Thanks for listening, keep coming out to shows and supporting the Live, Local, Gigantic, Titanic, Gargantuan Independent PHX Comedy Scene!

Gibran the Comagician at Monkey Pants 4.25.13


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