Whoa!  Another S&M Comedy Weekly Audio Update, whizzing right past your head at dangerous speeds!  We have only a few things to get to this week, but why dally and prolong this wretched experience for all of us?  Let’s get right down to the brassiest of tacks ready to pierce your tender flesh with sharp, pointy information!

New stickers have arrived!  Yes, we know you’re already proudly displaying at least five S&M Comedy stickers, one for each window of your car, but this is something different- something that has even more to do with you, the ferociously independent PHX Comedy stalwart.  The stickers are here and ready to be pasted all over town–on stop signs, on go signs, on yield signs, and on ‘fuck those guys they can figure it out on their own time’ signs!  Help us get these stickers stuck on every blank surface available to alert already distracted drivers that they should go to and become aware of the myriad independent comedy shows that occur night after night, in nearly every neighborhood around town, so that they can attend a free show become a fan of a local comic, instead of paying $20 and a two drink minimum to see some headliner that brings his own feature and doesn’t know the difference between Buckeye and Avondale.  This is your local independent comedy scene, be proud and help promote it!

We just had our second installation of First Friday Comedy at Lawn Gnome Publishing this past week, and the amount of support has been tremendous.  First Friday is a veritable carnival of sights and sounds and smells, assailing the senses with the vigor and zeal with which a hippie on ecstasy strikes the goatskin head of a djembe.  To say that it is not exactly the ideal place to hold a comedy show is a grave understatement.  These shows are the diametric opposite of the comedy club show in which every factor is closely monitored and strictly controlled- from the temperature of the room and how closely the audience members are seated next to one another, to the volume of the death metal band behind the stage and the amount of distractions from the hot dog vendors hula hooping in the back of the room- we control none of that.  “Wait; did you say a death metal band behind the stage and a hula hooping hot dog vendor?”  Yeah we fucking did.  This is guerilla comedy.  This is training.  We’ll be able to get laughs on a battlefield in Fallujah after we complete this hellish boot camp.  So come out to Lawn Gnome Publishing on a First Friday and bear witness to a truly death defying spectacle!

This very Friday, we continue the second Friday series S&M Comedy Presents at Space 55!  This time, we’re slingin’ another Silence: Comedians on Storytelling at you, featuring local comedy personalities Kirk Buckhout, Genevieve Rice, the Torch Theatre’s Sam Haldiman, Dan Hull, Myke Dehu, and local storyteller Joy Young!  Stories begin being told at 10.30pm on Friday, 5/10, and you can see all this magic unfurl before your eyes for only $5, going right back to keeping Space 55’s doors open for passionate patrons of cutting edge theater!

What are you doing Memorial Day Weekend?  Are ya geeking out?  Perfect!  Because we’ll be at PHX Comicon, dropping two days straight of belligerent stand-up comedy on your nerdy ass!  Go to the Facebook event pages for each day or the PHX Comicon website for plenty of info on how you and the lucky ducks in your AD&D coven can attend!

This Thursday at Monkey Pants, the return of the wildly popular, all-improvising, all-riffing spectacular, Dan Hull’s Digging for Gold is upon us, featuring the brilliant long form improv troupe Unicorn Warpath, and a swarm of comedians all stumbling their way through unchartered joke territory, including Anthony Desamito, Nick Paul, Eric Sobczak, Gordon McKay, Josh Graves, Paul Lucie, Ian Gilb, and Myke Dehu!

Upcoming Shows for us:  Jamie and Steve will both be at Bada Bing Gentleman’s Club on 5/11.  Yep, comedy at a strip joint.  How could a rape joke go wrong there?

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Go get yourself some Twitch Espresso from Press Coffee!

Thanks for listening; keep coming out to shows and supporting the Live, Local, Aggressively Independent PHX Comedy Scene!


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