Episode 56: Charlie Speez, God’s Lonely Man


Hot stuff is happening outside, so get inside and enjoy a cool, refreshing S&M Comedy Podcast!

On today’s early summer edition, we proudly present to you our conversation with local comic Charlie Speez!  We first met Charlie just a few months into our comedy journey, one fateful Monday night at The Turf.

He was rolling with another local comic that we used to hang out with back in the day, and we were introduced to “Funnyman Charlie.”  We shared a good laugh at his expense and went about our business, solving the world’s problems five minutes at a time on a stage at a bar before a crowd of apathetic drunkards.  Little did we know that three years later, Charlie would not just still be around, a favorite among audiences and comics alike, constantly performing on the throng of dark and seedy bar stages of our beloved Live, Local, Independent PHX Comedy Scene, but he would also be a solid enough performer to open in the big rooms for the likes of Brian Posehn and Rich Vos.

It’s long since time we sat down around the PhoenixComedy.org Podcasting Studios card table with Charlie and got his take on his comedy career and all the factors contributing to it.  What ensues is a far-reaching, multilayered sweet Vidalia onion of a conversation.  You’ll hear about Charlie growing up, toeing the line between the reckless abandon of youth and juvenile delinquency.  You’ll learn of a sour, ill-advised teenage marriage filled with acrimony and mutual disdain that produced a remarkably stoic child that now bridges the chasm of divorce between two loving parents.  You’ll be awed by Charlie’s thirst for knowledge in a crusade against power mongering governments and his burning need to organise the less fortunate into a force that must be seen and heard by the powers that be.  You’ll discover the joys of dick bongos.  I SAID YOU’LL DISCOVER THE JOYS OF DICK BONGOS!!!!!

This Thursday at Monkey Pants, we welcome back the undeniably charming and affable Nate Sinclair, supported by the slightly more surly and wretched Dave Schnier, John Connell, David Delgado, Jessie Johnson, Erin Ontko, James Mabry, Ernesto Moncada, and Jared Boynton!  Also joining us for a special evening of $4 Captain Morgans will be Mike Gillerman, formerly of PHX Comedy, now a whirling dervish in NYC, get your ass in Pants for a thriller of a lineup!

Upcoming shows for us:  Both Steve & Jamie will be performing on Chris Bennett’s farewell to PHX show at Stand Up Scottsdale on 5/18.  Steve will be at Stand Up Scottsdale on 5/17 and at Copper Blues on 5/21.

Pertinent Links:

Twitta:  Mr. Speez  Governor Podcast  Herr Jamie  Señor Steve

Facebookz:  Charlie  Pod  Steve  Jamie

Thanks for listening; keep coming out to shows and supporting the Live, Local, Broad, Vast, Unbounded Independent PHX Comedy Scene!


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