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Welcome from the land of many weekly audio updates!  This week’s big news is little in quantity but large and girthy.  There’s more news just beyond the horizon like a murderous infantry of barbarous Huns, so steel your britches and gird your loins for the informative onslaught!

We here at the S&M Comedy Compound, home of the PhoenixComedy.org Podcasting Studios, have some serious thanking to do.  A very special thanks goes out to Chris Bennett for having us on his very last Arizona-based comedy show this past Saturday in the side room at Stand Up Scottsdale.  The room was quite packed for a terrifically well-rounded lineup, and Steve Maxwell and Chris Bennett appropriately stole the show as the room filled up with audience members for the late show in the main room with Thai Rivera.  Aaaaand…

Steve would like to express his sincerest thanks to Thai Rivera and Alvin Williams for having him open for them in the main room at Stand Up Scottsdale on Friday.  It’s always a thrill to see either of those guys, two comics that wholly represent our ideals of professionalism and comedic integrity, so to be able to share the stage with both of them is really sublime.  We were hanging with Thai watching Alvin, then hanging with Alvin watching Thai, and it might seem a bit pollyanna to say that that sort of thing is what we’d dreamed of when we started out as comics, but it’s true.  Those moments build camaraderie with those performers that we look up to, and we feel like we’re just that much infinitesimally closer to being peers with them. Aaaand…

Jamie would like to bestow wheelbarrows full of his undying gratitude to Alvin Williams for inviting him up to feature at the Hon-Dah Casino in Pinetop on Monday.  It was an entirely new experience for Jamie, one of those “let me take you under my wing, young buck,” moments.  It was genuinely nice, doing a long set with confidence, warming up the crowd like we’ve all heard we’re supposed to do, properly setting up a really good comic to steamroll an audience the rest of the night.  To have Alvin come off stage after a solid, raucous 45 minutes and give a big thanks to Jamie for doing what a good feature does- keeping it fairly clean and lightly pushing a couple envelopes to allow the headliner to stretch out in warm, well-tested waters- absolutely made the night truly special.

This weekend is Phoenix Comicon!  You’ll remember last year’s Comicon with our first ever live S&M Comedy Podcast and our super-packed stand up comedy show from which we had to constantly turn back eager audience members due to the sheer immensity of the throng of humor hungry comedy-goers.  Well, the comicon people have given us a much bigger room this year and we’ve decided to forgo the live podcast in favor of two nights of stand up!  We’re thrilled to have James Hoenschiedt, Charlie Speez, Zed Phillips, Nate Sinclair, Jacob Breckenridge, and Mike Esham on our 10pm Friday show, and Teddy Bearskovich, Kirk Buckhout, James Mabry, Zed Phillips, Jericho Davidson, Henry Barajas, and special guest Asterios Kokkinos on our 9pm Saturday show!  If you or your friends are overwhelmed by the Phoenix Comicon melee this weekend, seek shelter and solace with an hour of good ol’ home grown comedy, right in the eye of the storm!  We’ll also be giving away some special signed S&M Comedy posters, so be ready to walk away with a little swag from your favorite Pleasurably Painful Podcast.

This Thursday at Monkey Pants, Dan Hull will be putting on a display of superior storytelling skills, accompanied by the ample comedic talents of Thai Rivera, Reggie Campbell, Chris Centanni, Jennifer Capati, Eric Sobczak, Ian Gilb, Michael Turner, Matt Storrs, Billy Reisgo and first timer Jules Hyde!  Comedy kicks off at 8.30, and fish racing squirts away at 11p every lovely single Thursday on our lovely little corner in Tempe!

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Thanks for listening; keep coming out to shows and supporting the Live, Local, Hot, Sweaty, Stifling Independent PHX Comedy Scene!


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