Episode 57: Asterios Kokkinos- A New Hope


Greetings from a far away land of sword-wielding pasty-skinned warriors and sexy anime girls; it’s the S&M Comedy Podcast, fresh from PHX Comicon!

If you are familiar with the goings-on here at S&M Comedy, you know that we just produced a couple stand-up shows at PHX Comicon.  They went splendidly.  Spectacularly, even.  We did a show on Friday and one on Saturday, and we had to be moved both nights from our originally slated 130 seat room to a 300 seater in order to prevent rioting, and we still had people standing until we couldn’t allow anyone else in.  Standing room only in a 300 seat capacity room?!?  Shit, maybe our moms can be proud of us now.

For the uninitiated, PHX Comicon is a bit like a weekend-long block party of a thousand unrelated Rocky Horror Picture Shows all going on simultaneously.  It is a million-faceted prism of events, parties, video game & movie promotions, autograph & photo opportunities, vendor booths, and discussion panels, all individually geared toward the tiniest of niche markets.  It all can seem very disjointed and confused- and it is- but it somehow unifies the ubiquitous nerds under one malnourished, processed food-gorging umbrella.

There is an undercurrent that ties the many tentacles of nerd culture together, whether it’s the zombie walkers, the ninjas, the gamers, or the furries and fairies.  That undercurrent is a passion, a fanaticism even, for an aspect of pop culture that is shunned by mainstream culture and represented under the same convention center roof as a couple hundred other underground aspects of pop culture.  That underdog mentality that makes strange bedfellows out of guys dressed up as video game characters dragging comically huge broadswords behind them and frail, blue-eyed blonde girls made up to be purple-haired Asian school girls.

If you were to look at an aerial photograph of the portion of the city in which Comicon was held this past weekend, you would see two drolly unamused faces purposefully charging through an aimless, wandering sea of starry-eyed youngsters and fat dudes with patchy beards in dingy, unwashed flannel shirts.  Those two grumpy pusses would be none other than your two podcasting heroes, The S&M Comedy Duo.

In spite of being wholly annoyed by the crowds and overwhelmed by the myriad sights, we had a very good time because we got to put on two of the biggest comedy shows we’ve ever seen, thanks to the help of the incredibly hardworking volunteers of PHX Comicon.  The people we worked with, Tony Sabal & Sara Santiago, as well as Brian Smith from Samurai Comics and his crew of Thomas Cowley and Jared Thomas Smith, were absolutely crucial in turning a couple of sure-fire clusterfuck performances into two gargantuan juggernaut comedy shows.

And out of one of those comedy shows, we culled an interview with LA comic and editor of Devastator Quarterly, Asterios Kokkinos.  We found out Asterios was going to be at Comicon doing a show with his Devastator peeps, and we reached out over social media and wound up landing him on our Saturday show and on the podcast in which you’re about to partake.  Asterios crushed the Saturday show with the regular conciseness and precision that we’ve come to expect from the LA comics, like Ron Babcock and Thai Rivera, that frequently visit our burg; and then he sat down with us early the next morning to drop a 90minute aural assault of a podcast on us…and now you.  Well, don’t worry, we split it up so you can take it all in two manageable doses.

It’s a great talk, going all over the place and never slowing down for a breath.  We’re careening off of questions and ricocheting off of answers in this wild and raucous free for all.  You’ll enjoy it, so buckle up and listen in.

This Thursday at Monkey Pants, get on your laughing horse and ride off into the golden nacho cheese sunset with Andy Steinberg, Teddy Bearskovich, Ronnie D., Anthony Desamito, Myke Dehu, Kristofer Royer, Sarah Hunt, Tim Tagtmeyer, Bob Timmons, and first timer Molly Dean!  Comedy begins at 8.30 and fish racing starts at 11 for those that didn’t get the memo about the whole sunset thing.

Upcoming shows for us:  Steve will be in Tucson all weekend, opening for Dave Landau!  Steve will be at Copper Blues on 6/4.  Get ready for First Friday Comedy at Lawn Gnome on 6/7 and Poetry Slim at Space 55 on 6/14!

Pertinent Links:

 Asterios‘s website- holy crap look at those credits!

Devastator Quarterly is an awesome, super-duper content-rich magazine that you should appreciate with all your heart!

Admiral Ackbar Ads–funny to watch, fun to say!

Twitter:  @Asterios  @S&MComedy  @Jamie  @Steve

Facebook:  Asterios  S&M  Steve  Jamie

Press Coffee

Thanks for listening; keep coming out to shows and supporting the Live, Local, Hyperdrive Engaging Independent PHX Comedy Scene!


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