Episode 57 Part 2: Asterios Kokkinos, Nerd Defender


*super deep ominous voice*  “Previously on the S&M Comedy Podcast…”

Comicon!  Tons of people!  Nerrrrrrrds!  Star Wars geeks!  Happy audiences!  Happy comics!  Asterios Kokkinos!  Your rent’s HOW MUCH?!?!?!  Cookies!  Nerrrrrrds!

*scary trombone*

On today’s S&M Comedy Podcast, we’re dropping the second half of our thrilling and informative conversation with Los Angeles comic Asterios Kokkinos!  We do hope you’ve been enjoying the first half in the original episode 57, listening to us get to know each other and have a good time.  This half of the conversation is a little more serious- we accuse him of being a nerd, he accuses us of wanting attention, there’s some finger pointing and hurt feelings, all healed over by bro hugs and a nice make-up casserole.  Ha!  Fooled you- comedians don’t have feelings!  But we loooove casseroles.

When we set out to do this interview, we didn’t intend to make another two part podcast. But from the reasearch we did on Asterios’ comedy and overall brand, we realised that this might be one of those conversations that just goes off, galloping heroically into the sunset.  When we get entrenched in those types of talks, there’s nothing to do other than sit up, stay engaged in the moment and steer when ya can, because it’s a fun buckin’ bronco to be on, and the ride will stop at the end of the trail, whether you try to rein ‘er in or not, pardner.

We really are pleased with the way the whole podcast with Asterios turned out, but to be quite honest, it went by so fast & easy and was so evenly good throughout, we aren’t 100% sure of everything we talked about.  We know it was fun, we know it was exciting, we know there were no lulls, but fuck if we know what was said.  We just know it was a lot, and it’s all enjoyable.  Perhaps it’s that way simply because of Asterios.  Seriously, the dude has done A TON of shit, and it’s all really good.  Maybe that’s just how it works with everything he touches:  “Whoa!  What the fuck was that hairy, funny blur?!”  “I don’t know, but I suddenly feel enlightened and entertained and overwhelmed all at the same time.”  We do, too, friends.  We do, too.

This Thursday at Monkey Pants, the searing hot stand up comedy of Ali Musa, Zed Phillips, Diethrich Shelton, Ricardo Rocha, James Hoenscheidt, Michael Turner, Kirk Buckhout, Isaac Farm, John Higbee and Paul Lucie will keep your nacho cheese viscous and appropriately oozy!  And thanks to all who have been saying such nice things about the job we’ve done with Thursday Night Comedy at Monkey Pants; if you’re so inclined to put in a good word for us with the bar, please send your glowing compliments to monkey@monkeypantsbar.com.

First Friday at Lawn Gnome returns this Friday, appropriately enough!  Get out to Lawn Gnome Publishing on 6/7 at 9pm for some super duper underground independent comedy with Zed Phillips, Charlie Speez, Teddy Bearskovich, and special guest Maia Doty!

Upcoming shows for us:  Jamie will be at IceHouse Tavern on 6/5; both Jamie and Steve will be at Brigett’s Last Laugh on 6/11.

Pertinent Links:

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Jesus Christ, Admirabal Ackbar’s Ads is the Star Wars nerdiest fucking thing ever.  So awesome.

Check out the super campy Death by VHS, starring Brian Smith of Samurai Comics!  Enjoy the typo!

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