Episode 59: Kristin Key, Pluckin’ Away


Muy caliente!  Time for another spicy edition of the S&M Comedy Podcast!  Arriba!

Today’s intoxicating interview is with nationally touring headliner and “Last Comic Standing” alum Kristin Key!  We came to her hotel when she was in town performing at The Comedy Spot this past weekend, and at her behest, we met poolside and conducted our interview there in the shade, taking in the chlorine aroma.  It was different, certainly a step up from stuffy motel rooms.  We’re not exactly sure what a cabana is, but we’re almost certain that one was involved.

Intrinsically woven within any poolside talk are the usual goings-on:  screeching, cannonballing youths, old ladies setting up for a get-together, and bartenders preparing for a happy hour rush; so prepare your ears for some auditory intrusions.  Fortunately, there were no stunning runway models in tiny bikinis seeking suntan lotion application assistance.  That would’ve been horrible.

Nonetheless, in spite of these myriad distractions, a comedy talk was had!  We’re happy to share with you Kristin’s tales of becoming a comic at an early age, losing her comedy mentor to a sudden death and the subsequent shuttering of her home club, the persistence necessary to start over in a new market, and making the most of opportunities when they are presented.  It’s definitely the story of how Kristin got to where she is today, and we dearly hope you enjoy it and make it your own, taking to heart her advice of the importance of loyalty in comedy, and staying out of the personal political battles that happen between clubs.

This Thursday at Monkey Pants, the celebration (or lamentation, if you prefer) of two years of S&M Comedy in Pants continues with our very own Steve Marek headlining, ably assisted by revelers such as Andy Steinberg, Jas Clay, Dave Schnier, Jeff Turbitt, Erin Ontko, John Santos, and Tucsonites Jericho Davidson, Jacob Breckenridge, Kevin William Lee, and Henry Barajas!  We know how to party–with an endless supply of bacon wrapped deep fried hot dogs smothered in nacho cheese!

Upcoming shows for us:  Jamie will be at Hidden House on 6/26.  Both Steve & Jamie will be at Brigett’s Last Laugh on 7/2.

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Thanks for listening; keep coming out to shows and supporting the Live, Local, HGH Using, Banned Substance Abusing Independent PHX Comedy Scene!


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