Episode 60: Page, The Village Idiot Does the Hustle


Sleepy morning salutations to you on this sleepy morning!  Let’s stretch and yawn and get this podcast kicked off, so we can go back to bed and forget for at least a moment that our lives are filled with ceaseless toil until we die.  Amen.

To that end, we present to your our interview with longtime local comic/musician Page, The Village Idiot!  Our personal interactions with Page have not been going on for long, though our knowledge of him is so entrenched in our brains, his name takes up permanent residence in those spaces of our souls right next to the faces of our mothers.

As young(ish) musicians in the early 2000s, we would tirelessly plumb the inky depths of the dark heart of the Phoenix New Times, staining our hands black with newsprint, ever combing the music section for clubs to call and get our bands booked.  Sometimes, we would even search the pages to see if we could find our bands listed.  Occasionally, when we were on a particularly light lineup of bands, we could even experience the soaring, giddy electricity of finding our band names in print!

Those moments, though exciting beyond measure, were fleeting, of course- only lasting a week at a time.  Wednesday to Wednesday was all we were allotted to experience the thrill of seeing our names in the paper, the Christmas Eve-like anticipation of imagining it being circulated to the millions of New Times readers in the valley, and thinking of all the attention we would soon be receiving!  But then, the show would come and go; we would play for a few disinterested drunks and even more distracted bands, and then a new name would take up the same geography in the New Times the following week.

But as our band names were being flushed out of the music pages like old red blood cells through the spleen, one name remained constant.  One silly, goofy name stayed up, seemingly at a different venue each night of the week, and lingered for so many years that we thought the printing press might have gotten stuck.  That omnipresent name, always conjuring images of some pandering, court jester-ish one man band, was Page the Village Idiot.

In the years since we’ve taken up the cause of stand up and left our musical aspirations in stasis, we’ve not had much occasion to see the PVTI moniker in print, and it was only in the past year or so that we began to encounter Page at Long Wong’s on Sunday nights, where he now runs a Sunday night talk show with the manager of Long Wong’s, à la Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon.  And in a flood of nostalgia, a memory from our hazy past resurfaced!  It turns out he’d not gone away at all, we’d just began orbiting in different solar systems, and by solar systems, we just mean appearing on different nights at the same shitty bars.

We’ve used Page on a couple shows since then- he very appropriately headlined a Valentine’s Day Thursday Night Comedy at Monkey Pants, and he’s appeared on one Poetry Slim and one Silence: Comedians on Storytelling at Space 55 for us.  And now, we’ve finally gotten to sit down with the endlessly youthful, always a bit trashy, super freaking awesome Page The Village Idiot.  Hope you enjoy this little trip down memory lane.

This Thursday at Monkey Pants, you can stay up past your bedtime with Michelle Biloon from Chelsey Lately, as well as fellow insomniacs Kirk Buckhout, Steve Maxwell, Danielle Arce, Michael Turner, Stuart Mazzeo, Bill O’Connor, Jennifer Capati, Reggie Campbell, Matt Levy, Donnie Malmquist and Alexandra Koller!  Comedy begins at 8.30, fish racing at 11; pick up a pack of $4 bacon wrapped deep fried hot dogs smothered in nacho cheese for a midnight snack!

This Friday night at 10.30pm, it’ll be time for some REALLY nerdy comedy, as we roll out another very special S&M Comedy Presents…This Day in History at Space 55 for you!  We’ll have out great comics and diligent little researchers presenting their findings for the July 12 edition of This Day, featuring Charlie Speez, Zed Phillips, Dale Rasmussen, Steve Maxwell, Genevieve Rice, Ryan Gaumont, Greg Freiler, Kirk Buckhout, James Hoenscheidt, John Connell and Jessie Johnson!  Admission is only $5, and all proceeds go to Space 55′s “Support Our Space” fundraising campaign, so come out for an inexpensive and right scholarly night of comedy!

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Thanks for reading, keep coming out to shows and supporting the Live, Local, Relentless, Impetuous Independent PHX Comedy Scene!


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