Episode 61: The Xchel & Joleen Reunion Tour


Time to once again fill your ears and heart with the unbridled joy that is the S&M Comedy Podcast!

Today’s episode features our second conversation with Xchel Hernandez and Joleen Lunzer!  Consider this the follow up, if you will, to the vaye con dios podcast we did with them exactly 20 episodes ago in September of 2012.   If you were with us back then, you’ll remember that the focus of that interview was Xchel & Joleen leaving behind the comfy confines of the PHX Comedy Scene in which they got their start, made their names, and blossomed into the beautiful, colorful sunflowers they are today, ever reaching higher and higher for the heavens while somehow staying firmly rooted in this world.  If you weren’t with us back then, you probably don’t even know this dynamic duo, and you should go back immediately to S&M Comedy Podcast Episode 41 before continuing on.  It’ll be fun, like a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book.

Okay, cool.  Now you’re back.  Well, Joleen & Xchel are also back, visiting us from the Minneapolis/St. Paul greater metropolitan area, performing at the Torch Theatre, Brigett’s Last Laugh, The Turf, and revisiting all the old haunts and catching up with old friends.  They took some time out of their hectic PHX Comedy Reunion Tour to sit down around the card table, just like they did some 10 months ago, and they reported their findings of Minneapolis Comedy.  You’ll get to hear about the struggles of making it in a new city from a performer’s perspective- learning new ropes, playing new political games, making new friends, and THEN getting on stage and making your voice heard, coupled with the civilian frustrations of just getting around and starting a new job.  Ah, something we all might get to look forward to in the future, should we be so lucky and driven.  You’ll also get to hear about how the move has strengthened their lovely relationship, and about their future plans together.  We love talking to them, and you’ll enjoy listening to them.  Take some time with today’s conversation; the next time we’ll be presenting a podcast with these two, they’ll be visiting with even greater tales of woe and triumph from making their way in Los Angeles.

Now, before you get listen to the podcast, we have some very serious S&M Comedy business to attend to…

Tonight tonight tonight!  It is Wednesday night, and you should join S&M Comedy at Hero Comics & Gaming at 35th Ave & Thunderbird at 8pm for a night of stand-up with Charlie Speez, Ernesto Moncada, James Mabry, Matt Michelleti, and Zed Phillips!  We’ll be just a small part of the Superior Spider-Man Team Up Launch Party, celebrating the release of the newest comic book series in the Spider-Man saga!  The whole event begins at 5pm with special sketch-slinging guest artists Al Sparrow, Ben Glendenning, Andy Bohn, Mike Macropoulos, and Jean Arrow, so get out and have yourself a whole nerdy time!

And a very special Tuesday night of comedy awaits you at Monkey Pants on 7/30!  Come join us at 9pm for a LIVE S&M Comedy Podcast recording featuring John Connell, Anthony Desamito, and the Hidden House’s Kirk Buckhout, Steve Maxwell, and Myke Dehu!  If you’ve never seen one of our live podcasts, you’re in for a marvelous roast-dais-meets-talkshow-panel asshole fest of a treat!  The standard Tuesday night Monkey Pants specials will all be on board for you, including $5/dozen wings any way you like ‘em and $2.50 Monkey Pants ambers, so get your ass in Pants and get your laugh on an S&M Comedy Podcast!

Our very dear friends at The Torch Theatre have invited us to be a part of their special two year anniversary Cagematch show this Saturday at 10pm!  We’re so happy to be a part of this wonderful place that creates such amazing comedy, and absolutely overjoyed to be invited to perform on their two year anniversary celebrating the creation of their permanent home!  Get out and enjoy some improv this weekend, and become a part of the community that keeps the Torch alight!

This Thursday at Monkey Pants, we’ll be separating the men from the boys the only way we know how- by carding at the door!  Men get to come inside and feast on $4 bacon wrapped deep fried hot dogs smothered in nacho cheese while having their faith in humanity further damaged by the comedy of Ian Gilb, Zed Phillips, Ronnie D, Jessie Johnson, Chris Centanni, John Higbee, Erin Ontko, Jeff Turbitt, and Jimmy Dale!  Boys can hang out in the Dutch Bros. parking lot and wait for the show and fish racing to be over.

Pertinent Links:

It’s easy to stalk Joleen, even when she’s away!

All our Twitters are full of tweets!  Joleen  Xchel  S&M  Steve  Jamie

And our Books are full of Faces!  Xchel  Joleen  S&M  Jamie Steve

Get out to the Torch Theatre on Saturday for our very special Cagematch appearance!

Our cup is full of Press Coffee!  (and our bellies are full of bacon wrapped deep fried hot dogs smothered in nacho cheese)

Thanks for listening; keep coming out to shows and supporting the Live, Local, Playful, Frolicking Independent PHX Comedy Scene!


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