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Feel the magic in the air!  Is that really magic or is it just another S&M Comedy Weekly Update?  Or gas.  It might be gas.

First, thanks to everyone that came out to Monkey Pants and helped us have a terrific LIVE S&M Comedy Podcast!  Wings were consumed, beers were quaffed, laughs were shared, and stories were told around the campfire/fireplace/big screen TV, all to the delight of an energetic, electric, attentive standing-room only audience comprised entirely of Swedish bikini models and golden egg-laying swans!

Okay, you got us.  We don’t actually know how the LIVE S&M Comedy Podcast has gone yet, as this riveting blog post is being written in advance of the event.  Hey, we have a schedule to keep, and there’s no way to write this, record/edit/upload the audio, and get it all posted and shared with the universe between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.  Sorry to ruin content-driven internet for you.

If you really want to know how the LIVE S&M Comedy Podcast at Monkey Pants went, be sure to tune in to or Stitcher or iTunes next week and hear for yourself!  (unless, of course, Anthony Desamito slipped into some sort of gluten-deficient blind rage during the recording of the podcast and murdered everybody involved by drowning them in a vat of delicious molten hot nacho cheese sauce, forcing their heads under the thick, viscous liquid until all their memories and dreams faded to yellow- then we probably won’t post it)

Enough of the past, let’s start talking about the future!  (even though that kind of was the future, since this audio update is being written before the LIVE S&M Comedy Podcast occurs even though it’s being released after the recording, but you got that already)  Next Friday, we’ll be getting all serious at Space 55 for another edition of S&M Comedy Presents…Silence: Comedians on Storytelling!  This series is one of our favorites, bringing comedians out of the setup/punchline comfort zone to tell audiences true stories from their real lives.  We never know exactly what we’re going to get from our performers on these shows, but we always walk away from that little black box theater feeling like we love PHX Comedy that much more, every single time.  So come out to Space 55 at 10.30pm on Friday, 8/9 and share some of that ecstatic joy with us!  We’re really excited to hear from our old storytelling pal, Dan Hull, after a one month sojourn to lands afar, as well as comedy bretheren Charlie Speez, Kristofer Royer, Isaac Farm, Zed Phillips, and our good Tucson friend Jacob Breckenridge!

This Thursday at Monkey Pants, we’ll make a couple of out of town guests feel very welcome with plates of bacon wrapped deep fried hot dogs smothered in nacho cheese, just like mom used to charge $4 on a Thursday night for!  Stefan Davis from Seattle and Chris Weidman from Los Angeles will share the much heralded Monkey Pants stage with locals Kristofer Royer, Logan Kost, Matt Micheletti, Dirty Red, Erick Baez, Jason Hill, Ernie Green, Elliot Kitchens and Alexandra Koller!  As always, comedy starts at 8.30, fish racing kicks off at 11, and free crotch kicks are available all day long!

Speaking of Thursdays, this Thursday, while Steve is keeping an eye on that unruly Monkey Pants show, Jamie will be out at The Torch Theatre in his Level Two student showcase!  Yeah, we take classes and learn shit!  If you’re not at Pants, you should be out at Torch, keeping your laughs local and independent!

Pertinent Links:

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Thanks for listening; keep coming out to shows and supporting the Live, Local, Gregarious, Effusive, Independent Comedy Scene!


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