Episode 63b: The Malleable Laurie Kilmartin


Hey!  Are you ready for the podcast?  ‘Cause we brought the podcast!

Today, we’re forgoing our usual weekly audio update so we can wrap up our double-stuft conversation with Laurie Kilmartin!  “What’s that, Jamie & Steve?!?  No weekly update?!?  For your four listeners?!?  You’ll send their lives into a tailspin!  Think about your adoring fans!”  Well, it’s probably a safe bet that our listeners can handle a full podcast with somebody cool, instead of just a quick five minute burst of us, fumbling about in an effort to let everybody know what we’ve got coming up.  “But we were looking forward to only listening to you for five minutes, instead of a full hour plus!”  Well, now you’re just being dicks.

As you’ll remember from last week’s episode, Laurie was a-bouncin’ around from coast to coast, performing on stages, doing the work, gaining the experience, growing and becoming the comic that would later headline Laff’s and The Comedy Spot…and writing, lest we forget the writing!  Writing for Colin Quinn’s “Tough Crowd,” and really making a name for herself as a reliable and dependably funny contributor, which, as you’ll hear in this podcast today, is a skill that has kept her alive and thriving for years now.

So today, we’ll pick up that thread with her life being thrown up in the air again, and discovering herself in another part of the country all over again.  Starting over.  But talking with Laurie, she doesn’t put much emphasis on the struggle of starting over.  Starting over just happens.  Survival just happens.  There’s no time to think of the struggle and make poetry out of it.  Just survive now, and continue surviving tomorrow.  Maybe there’s a quietly stoic lesson to be learned here.  Just maybe.

This Thursday at Monkey Pants, we’re thrilled to whip out another edition of the incredibly fun, always life-affirming, Dan Hull’s Digging for Gold!  Every Digging for Gold is a blast, challenging comics to riff it out and come up with entire sets on the fly, and this go around will be no different, with Zed Phillips, Anthony Desamito, Mike Kennedy, Page the Village Idiot, Tony Vicich, Michael Turner, Matt Michelleti, John Connell, Jules Hyde, touring Philadelphia comic Troy Ballew, and improv stylings of Less Than Three!

Hey, we’ve got to announce our return to Lawn Gnome Publishing on Friday, September 6th!  First Fridays are back!  Well, First Fridays never really went anywhere, we just wanted to not be outside performing comedy at 9p on a Friday night, roasting in 100+ temps.  So we return on the first Friday in September, when it will only be 98° when we take the stage at 9.30p.  The First Friday Clusterflick starts off at 7pm in the back yard of Lawn Gnome Publishing, right in the heart of Roosevelt Row, in the heart of the Downtown PHX Independent Arts Scene!  Come check out bands, bands, comedy, and books at Lawn Gnome Publishing, Friday September 6th!

And prepare yourself for second Friday at Space 55, as we hit it hard this month with a brand new S&M Comedy Presents production—Goodbye Cruel World!  Comics will get to bare everything they’ve ever wanted, just one last time on stage, as we welcome them to read their suicide notes and eulogies!  We’re so excited about this show because we know every single one of our performers is absolutely going to bring it, dropping beautiful, precious, multi-faceted gem after gem on the audience all night long!  As always, we get going at 10.30p every second Friday at Space 55, 636 E Pierce St, for only a $5 donation to Space 55’s “Support Our Space” fundraising program, so get out and let’s get sad together!

Upcoming shows for us:  Jamie will be in Tucson all weekend opening for Jackie Kashian!  Steve will be at Copper Blues on 9/3.

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Thanks for listening; keep coming out to shows and supporting the Live, Local, Quick-Witted, Silver-Tongued Independent PHX Comedy Scene!


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