Episode 64b: Mike Kennedy’s Still Talkin’…


A cleansing deluge of interviews from the S&M Comedy Podcast is washing over you like tidal waves of all the world’s oceans!

Right now we’re dead in the middle of a series of double podcasts, which means you are, too!  We went crazy with extra-long interviews over the past month or so, just talking our butts off, and now we get to share them all with you.  Today, of course, is the second half of our interview with one of the most prolific comics in PHX, Mike Kennedy!

Apparently when you record a conversation with Kennedy, it’s best to just turn on a mic and stay the fuck out of the way.  He’s got stories to share, and you’re going to hear them.  Like a buckin’ bronco in a pen, he’ll be done when he’s done and not much sooner, so you may as well just sit back and enjoy the show.

The best part about finally having Kennedy on, beyond having more great interviews to share, beyond getting to hear about his PI stories, his wild college tales, and the trials he’s faced when comedy and girlfriends collide, is that we’ve now laid the way for more S&M Comedy productions to include Kennedy as a performer.  First we had him at a recent Digging for Gold, he’ll be headlining Pants on 9/19, and it won’t be long before he’ll be telling wild stories at Space 55!  So get ready for more S&M Comedy with this insalubrious solipsist!

This Thursday at Monkey Pants, we open up our stage to Modest Proposal, Phoenix’s original independent comedy show, as Ryan McKee and Ron Babcock roll back into town and blow the doors off of the place!  We’re so excited to have this happen on our home stage, so get out and support PHX Independent Comedy past, present, and future all on one beautiful Thursday night!

Hey, what do you say- let’s get dark in here and plunge this happy little mood into the ground?  Six feet into the ground, to be precise, as this Friday at Space 55, S&M Comedy Presents…Goodbye Cruel World!  It’s a show all about shuffling off this mortal coil, as comics will read their suicide notes and eulogies in a hilarious, self-effacing row!  Doesn’t sound all that hilarious?  Well, with comics like Anthony Desamito, Charlie Speez, Chris Centanni, David Krienbrink, Eric Sobczak, Genevieve Rice, James Mabry, John Connell, Kristofer Royer, and Teddy Bearskovich, all that darkness and despair will be downright riotous.  Grab a $5 bill and get over to Space 55, 636 E Pierce St at 10.30pm for a comedy show you’re not likely to see anywhere else!

In other comedy news, if you’re interested in doing some improv, the Phoenix Improv Festival is accepting submissions for your troupe, group, or whatever wacky idea you’ve got rattling around in your brain!  PIF is a multi-day event of performances, workshops, and networking for improvisors and fans…you know, a festival!  Applications for PIF 2014 are being accepted now through 10/31, so submit a video today at National Improv Network!

Upcoming shows for us:  Jamie will be at Hidden House on 9/11.  Party time.

Pertinent Links:

Mike Kennedy’s website, where you can get info and tickets to his September 28th show, Undercover Cab at Stand Up Scottsdale!

Twitterz:  Kennedy  S&M Comedy  Marek  Sanderson

Facebookz:  Mike  S&M  Jamie  Steve

And go getchyerself a nice cup of Press Coffee!

Thanks for listening; keep coming out to shows and supporting the Live, Local, Spring Fresh, Funky Fabulous Independent PHX Comedy Scene!


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