Episode 65: Hittin’ the Books with Ritch Shydner


Get down!  It’s the S&M Comedy Podcast!  HEH!

Alright, today’s podcast is with Ritch Shydner!  This is a great one.  Ritch is awesome.  He’s a terrific comic and great guy, but honestly, the big reason we wanted to get this one in the books is because of his 2010 stand-up comedy documentary “I Am Comic.”  Ritch is a tremendous historian and scholar of the history of stand-up, and young and old comics alike should be following Ritch’s Facebook for his wonderful, hilarious, and often very touching long posts that sometimes pop up, some wild stories from the old days.

As you’ll hear in this conversation, Ritch’s comedy career spans multiple generations, from even before the creation of the modern comedy club.  He rode that thrilling, rambunctious wave and helped shape the beautiful artform and the hellish business that we so passionately fight in and for.  And that’s just the start of this interview.  Buckle in for stories about getting clean in the debaucherous 80′s of comedy, times with Tempe Center for the Arts’ own Tony Vicich, and returning to comedy again after a 13 year hiatus while raising a family and writing like a fiend.  We’re extremely grateful for this interview, and we’re very proud to share it with you.

This past week, we had another S&M Comedy Presents at Space 55, unveiling a brand new show, Goodbye Cruel World!  It was an absolutely riveting show; all the comics just dug so deep and wrote their asses off, god bless ‘em.  What a wonderful show.  We love doing these.  This is the best stuff we do, because we give our comics an opportunity to be creative, and they just make our night.  Get ready for the next S&M Comedy Presents, Genevieve Rice’s Snark Show on 10/11!  As always, keep your internet dial pointed to S&M Comedy for your source for PHX Independent Comedy!

This Thursday at Monkey Pants, the big wood will be laid by Mike Kennedy, making his Monkey Pants headlining debut, supported by bone crunching heavy hitters James Hoenscheidt, Kristofer Royer, Diethrich Shelton, Anthony Desamito, John Connell, Jeff Turbitt, Jared Boynton, David Delgado, and Seattle comic Cameron Mazzuca!  Devour a couple $4 bacon wrapped deep fried hot dogs and get ready for the pain!  And by pain, we mean comedy at 8.30.  Sorry, it’s football season.

Upcoming shows for us:  Steve will be a part of Funny Times 10 at Tempe Center for the Arts on Friday, 9/20, and Jamie gets a great opportunity to perform alongside Mike Merryfield at Comedy Spot on 9/21!

Pertinent Links:

Pick up Ritch’s very important book, “I Killed,” on Amazon!

Watch “I am Comic,” Ritch’s seminal documentary on the seedy underbelly of stand-up!

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Thanks for listening; keep coming out to shows and supporting the Live, Local, Barreling, Stampeding, Careening Independent Comedy Scene!



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