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Welcome back to the S&M Comedy Weekly Update!  We’re back on schedule after being up to our eyeballs in double-length podcasts, so let’s get in, get out, and leave everybody wanting more!

First, lets get some big thank yous out of the way.  Both splinter cells of the S&M Comedy Terrorist Network had some really fun shows over the weekend, and we don’t want to forget to properly look back and tip our hat in the flurry of announcements and upcoming events.

Steve had a really great time at Tempe Center for the Arts this past Friday on the Funny Times Ten Showcase.  That venue is terrific, so much different from any other comedy stage in PHX, so it’s always a pleasure to be able to work with Tony and Kevin there.  It’s one of the most professionally run venues in town, and it always feels good, performing in such a class joint.  Get out there if you can, and check out some local comedy with no drink minimum on a Friday night.

Jamie made his return to The Comedy Spot on Saturday, doing a set on both shows headlined by Wisconsin comic Mike Merryfield.  The first show was packed and the second show was nearly full, but both audiences were rolling all night because Mike Merryfield is a smart, relentless comic.  It was brilliant to watch.  The staff there has a great time all the time, and it shows.  We’re looking forward to getting out there more frequently, so look for more S&M Comedy gigs at The Comedy Spot.

Jamie also just got back from Pinetop, featuring for Vince Martin at the Hon-Dah Casino.  That gig’s always a little weird, always a little adverserial, as pretty much any Monday night comedy show in a town with just over 4000 residents should be.  But hey, it’s an opportunity to get out of the heat and do a 30 minute set and check out a quality comic that we’d otherwise probably never get an opportunity to see.  It’s a rite of passage for PHX comedians, and probably one of the most fun rites of passage that there is.  Enjoy the Calf Fries.

We’ve got some upcoming shenanigans!  In just one week, we’ll begin rotating lineups at Lawn Gnome Publishing, so come out on 10/4 for Steve Maxwell, Anthony Desamito, and John Connell!  And get ready for Genevieve Rice’s Snark Show at Space 55 on 10/11!  And…the super big news!  on 10/29, we’ll be taking over Crescent Ballroom for “Have a Reasonable Day: Stand Up for Autism!  A Comedy and Art Extravaganza!”  More info to come on all these shows, so stay tuned to S&M Comedy!

This Thursday at Monkey Pants, it will truly be a plentiful cornucopia of comics as locals Kirk Buckhout, Myke Dehu, John Henry, Matt Micheletti, Gordon McKay, Sarah Hunt, Paul Lucie, Rianna Vilaire, and Aaron McGrath welcome out of towners Jozalyn Sharp, Tyler Jolley, and Yvonne LaVallee to our fertile stand-up stage!  Come join in the bounty with $4 bacon wrapped deep fried hot dogs smothered in nacho cheese and $4 Sailor Jerrys!

Upcoming shows for us:  Both Steve & Jamie will be at Hidden House on 9/25 and so should you.

Pertinent Links:

Twitter:  S&M Comedy  Steve  Jamie

Facebook:  S&M Comedy  Jamie  Steve

Thanks for listening; keep coming out to shows and supporting the Live, Local Precipitous Independent PHX Comedy Scene!

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