Episode 69: Bob Kubota- Michigander Migration


In your ears and into your brain goes another S&M Comedy Podcast!

Today we’ve got a very fun, fast-paced conversation to share with you, courtesy of our good friend and longtime local comic Bob Kubota!  Bob has been a Phoenix mainstay longer than most local comics have been subjected a two drink minimum, and he has the credits and road experience to show for it.

We’ve always loved seeing Bob on stages around town, the rare sightings at the Hidden House and regular spots at the Tempe Improv.  We dig his smart material and frenetic delivery, and we’ve really enjoyed hearing about his successes of getting regular road work and even getting called up for multiple USO tours.  It was those successes that led us to seek out Bob to be on the podcast and share his story with us and with you.

It’s a good one, going all over the place.  We talk about comedy and shitty gigs.  We talk about comedy and amazing gigs.  We talk WWII.  We talk Afghanistan.  Oh boy, do we talk.  We talk enough to generate another two parter, so get ready for episode 69b with Bob next week!

Wednesday at Hidden House Comedy!  Cheap drinks from Brian Sajban and even cheaper comedy from Bill OConnor, Anthony Desamito, Charlie Speez, Dustin Elkin, Jesse Hebison, Matt Storrs, Rachel Cepeda, and the usual suspects of Steve Maxwell, Steve Marek, and Jamie Sanderson!  Well, maybe “cheap” isn’t the right word to describe the comedy…we’ll go with “fiscally responsible, but karmically taxing.”

This Thursday at Monkey Pants, help us welcome co-headliners and visiting snowbirds from the great white north of Canada, Jeff Schouela and Paul Baluyot to our fair desert, where Zed Phillips, Aaron Kyle, Mark McGuinness, Chris Centanni, Kass McPherson, Dave Schnier, Jared Boynton, and Ernesto Moncada get to stay and toil in the haboobs and Valley Fever all year long!  Comedy at 8.30; fish racing at 11p, $4 bacon wrapped deep fried hot dogs smothered in nacho cheese all night long!

Pertinent Links:

Get over to Bob’s website and take a look around at some videos!

Twitterz:  Bob  S&M  Steve  Jamie

Facez:  Mr.Kubota  Mr. Podcast  Mr. Jamie  Mr. Steve

Thanks for listening; keep coming out to shows and supporting the Live, Local, World Traveling, Globe Trotting, Independent PHX Comedy Scene!


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