Episode 69b: Bob Kubota Tells It. And Tells It Again.


Back in the saddle with another great conversation; the S&M Comedy Podcast rides off into the sunset!

Today, we’re going to share with you the second half of our chat with Bob Kubota!  This is the farther reaching portion of the interview.  There is just a ton of stuff to take in, because Bob is so multi-faceted and has such a unique past that has informed his perspective on everything going on in the world today.

You’ll get to hear about his personal history and the history of his Japanese lineage.  You’ll get to hear about the belief system that drives his political material.  You’ll get to hear about the unbridled joy of Facebook instigation.  Because no one’s ever too mature for that, right?

There’s a lot of Bob talking about his personal experience, being a Libertarian and the things seen on USO tours in this second half of the podcast.  It’s enjoyable; a lot of truth.  Suicidal soldiers in the middle east.  Too many guns and too many psychotropic drugs.  The two way street of freedom of speech in comedy.  Lots of stuff to get into, pay attention to, and form your own opinions about.  That’s what Bob did, and he would always encourage you to do the same.

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This Wednesday at Hidden House Comedy, Eric Sobczak, Tony Vicich, Alexandra Lightfoot, Paul Lucie, Chale Galaviz, Myke Dehu, and Jas Clay will be delivering complementary jokes to your ears while Brian Sajban pours inexpensive booze down your gullet!

This Thursday at Monkey Pants, we hope you like your nacho cheese spiced with jokes by Steve Maxwell, Tim Bateman, Avi Cohen, Rick Larsen, Dustin Elkin, Rachel Cepeda, John Connell, Kelly Stewart, and John Santos, and your thoroughbred racing goldfish amped up with performance enhancing drugs banned by three major sports!  Comedy at 8.30, fish racing at 11, free crotch kicks all day long!

Pertinent Links:

Visit Bob’s website!  Poke around!

Tweets for everybody!  Bob  S&M Comedy  Jamie  Steve

Books for us all!  The Kubota  The Podcast  The Steve  The Jamie

Thanks for listening; keep coming out to shows and supporting the Live, Local, Freedom Fighting Independent PHX Comedy Scene!

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