Cold Hands


Let’s get a quick weekly update in ya and then let’s get back under the covers!

Winter has descended upon PHX!  It’s damn cold these days, and this isn’t why we all moved here! (yeah, don’t pretend like you actually know more than three PHX natives) The seasonal depression is in full swing- the dark mornings, the dark evenings, the long shadows in the day with the sun perpetually waning.  It’s enough to suck all the humour right out of your soul.

It’s a good thing you’ve got the PHX Comedy Scene to rejuvenate you when the icy cold wrenches at your spirit!  Come out to some shows and allow your laughter to warm you from the inside out!

This Friday, 12/13, S&M Comedy Presents returns to Space 55at 10.30pm with another tightrope-walking edition of Digging for Gold!  Comics take the stage and take suggestions, writing brand new material on the fly!  It’s a great BYOB time for only a $5 donation to Space 55, so come on out and support Anthony Desamito, Charlie Speez, Gordon McKay, Jas Clay, John Connell, Kirsten Alberts, Matt Micheletti, Nick Paul, Paul Lucie, Sarah Hunt and Zed Phillips as they mould incredible origami shapes and structures, weaving twists and turns, right before your very eyes and ears!

Wednesday at the Hidden House, cheap booze is everywhere, and free comedy is lurking in the darkness with Kristofer Royer, Ali Musa, Anthony Desamito, Dave Schnier, Ian Gilb, James Mabry, Jeff Turbitt, and Teddy Bearskovich!  PHX’s longest running independent stand up comedy show starts at 9pm, so get in, grab a drink, call in some Mi Patio, and get comfortable like your creepy uncle would.  (with your hand down your pants in the pitch black room)

Thursday night at Monkey Pants, just like Guglielmo Marconi receiving the first transatlantic radio signal in 1901, you too can feel like an auditory pioneer as you receive comedy from Charlie Speez, Zed Phillips, Josh Graves, Michael Turner, Jeff Turbitt, Ali Musa, Brian McNett, Jules Hyde, Noah Findling, and Cameron Sablan!  Free comedy starts at 8.30, and fish racing starts at 11!  Why, that beats deciphering Morse Code in frozen Newfoundland with a $4 bacon wrapped deep fried hot dogs smothered in nacho cheese!

Thanks for listening; keep coming out to shows and supporting the Live, Local, Thrashing and Bashing Independent Comedy Scene!

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